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[Product Review] Yoplait’s Perle de Lait Lemon Dairy Dessert

So, y’all might remember that I tried the Perle de Lait “Classic” dairy dessert not too long ago and described it as “yogurt with all the flavour removed”.

When I was in ASDA last night getting my wee bits and bobs, I had the pleasure to notice that the Perle de Lait Lemon variety was back in stock – still no sign of the coconut as of yet, but I have my fingers crossed – and so I picked up a pack!

I also noticed that they were back up to full price – £1.94, I think, for a pack of four! Ouch! – and was silently hoping that I didn’t have to throw three of them out.

Product Review:

Yoplait’s Perle de Lait Lemon “dairy dessert”.

FATGIRLslim | Perle de Lait Lemon Dairy Dessert [Product Review]

Again, the first thing I did was licked the lid. (Ever seen the Muller adverts? Lick the lid of life! That’s me. I think it’s sacrilege not to lick the lid. Waste of yogurt!)

And, unlike last time, I sort of. Smiled.

Now, I like lemon things. Same as my Mum, I love the tang, the way it makes your face scrunch up. This isn’t that kind of lemon, so after that first lick, I was ready to be disappointed, because there’s no tang! There’s no face-scrunching!

But that’s the good thing about it. It’s such a subtle lemony flavour that you can sit and eat the whole thing with nary a scrunched face in sight, and it’s so nice. There’s enough lemon flavour that you can taste it, but not enough to overpower that weird creamy flavour that was the only “flavour” present in the Classic variety.

And it really is nice, subtle, creamy, delicious. I’ll let this second picture speak for itself:

I managed to restrain myself, barely, from licking the entire pot clean.

The only real complaint I have about this is the fat content. it’s 8.6g of fat and 5.8g of saturated fat PER 100g, which is really, really high – 3.5 Weight Watchers® Points™ PER 100g. That’s fairly high for a yogurt, really.

But to be perfectly honest, I’m going to splurge the Points™ anyway, and eat the other three tubs, because it really is that much better than the Classic variety.

Pot size: 125g
Nutritional Information per 100g: 143 calories; 8.6g fat (of which saturates: 5.8g); carbohydrates 13.6g (of which sugars: 12.5g); protein: 2.7g; fibre: 0.05g; sodium: 0.06g.


I have received no monetary or complementary compensation for this review. This product was bought for my own consumption from my own funds.

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  1. This is why fat girls are fat! I'm too slim and I'm trying to gain weight because I like the look of a bmi around 20. I just ate one o these. I bought them for the reason that they are so high in calorie content. One is overy satisfying so how can a person plan on eating 4 at once? I think the love of food has gone too far. Maybe try eating less of everything then you don't have to count points?

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