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[Product Review] Yoplait’s Perle de Lait Classic Dairy Dessert

FATGIRLslim | Perle de Lait Dairy Dessert [Product Review]
Yoplait’s new “dairy dessert”, Perle de Lait

Product Review:

Yoplait’s Perle de Lait Classic “dairy dessert”.

If you’ve seen the advert on the TV lately, you’ll maybe remember the girl with the french accent eating the “sour” plain yoghurt, looking wretched and making a face with every spoonful. Then, she switches to Perle de Lait, gets a beauty makeover, and happily eats her plain yoghurt, smiling!

Originally, I wanted the coconut flavour, but since they’re on special offer at ASDA (and probably everywhere else right now) they’re like hot-cakes. When I got to the supermarket, all that was left was the “Classic” flavour,

Now, I must admit, I actually enjoy sour yoghurt. I eat Fage 0% with a little bit of honey, and savour the tang when I get through the sweetness of the honey to the yoghurt below.

So the first thing that I noticed when I licked the lid (who doesn’t lick the lid?!) was that there wasn’t much tang.

Unfortunately, at first, there wasn’t much in the way of taste, either. It’s like somebody’s taken plain yoghurt and removed all the flavour.

And it didn’t get much better, either. Halfway through the pot, and I realised that yes, there’s not much in the way of taste. It’s very… nondescript. You get a weird hint of creamy, but not in the way that you get from real cream.

I’d say, overall, that the yoghurt isn’t meant to be eaten on its own. Dollop it over some strawberries and you’d have a great time with it, I think. But not on its own.

… that said, it’s not like I didn’t finish the whole 125g pot. It’s nice enough, at least, to finish eating it.

A definitely disappointing ★★☆☆☆

Maybe the Lemon or Coconut flavours are better.

(Also: why “dairy dessert”? Why is this not a real yoghurt? Does anybody know?)

Pot size: 125g
Nutritional Information per 100g: 122 calories; 3.1g protein; 5.1g carbs (of which sugars: 4.1g); fat: 9.9g (of which saturates: 6.6g); fibre: 0g; sodium: 0.05g.



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33 thoughts on “[Product Review] Yoplait’s Perle de Lait Classic Dairy Dessert”

    1. Yeah, I got the coconut flavour this week, finally! And yes, it's definitely the best of the bunch!

  1. The coconut is AMAZING……I`m eating one right now,it is to die for. I don`t really like yoghurts,but this one is SO NICE!!!

  2. These yogurts have been around for awhile in lots of dif variety n flavours in other parts of europe and have been along time fav of mine. so u could imagine my joy wen these pots of heven poped up on my tv…so of course i went straight to the nearest supa market in search of them. they are smooth creamy amd the most gorg outa all the yogurts. who wants fat free sin free yogurts that taste sour and every mouthful is punishment? give my these anytime and im a happy lady!

  3. I'm just eating the original one and think it tastes rather like sour cream. Might just beme though. Unfortunately couldn't get any other flavour in my local tesco and have been hunting these out to give them a go. Bit scarce where I live! Must try and search harder for other flavours.

  4. I have been looking in all the supermarkets in my area for ages and still can not find them any where

  5. the coconut ones are to die for, I used to pour one over my afternoon snack of fruit, unfortunately I've joined weight watchers and they are 4 points per pot so now I have to have one as a treat every now and then….I'm totally gutted………:-((((((

    1. I fully agree: the coconut ones are DELICIOUS. But they are very high in POINTs, aren't they? A nice treat every once in a while, if you can get someone else to eat the rest of the four-pack, of course! If they start making a fat-free or low-fat version, I might think about buying them on a weekly basis again.

    1. Are you all joking – exotic coconut – there are several in the market at Asda, but Perle de Lait does not taste anything like coconut, it is tasteless 5.% I wish.

      1. You really think so? I honestly thought the coconut was the best of the bunch, but considering the others, that's not exactly high praise! It tasted quite nice, but it's obviously not to everybody's tastes. 🙂

        1. oh the coconut is so yummy but I have now tasted yummy number 2 apricot so mmmmmmm just have trouble getting them always sold out locally have to bulk buy so I always have at least one , just so addicted but coconut no 1 in my book ;

  6. just bought another 4 pck yesterday, i eat half a pot in morning over my cereal, then eat the other half when i get in from work, makes them last a little longer & half a pot over cereal is just a perfect amount.

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    1. I must be the only one who actually prefers the natural one then! The toffee is good but very indulgent….but typically I can't find the natural one anywhere now!! 🙁

      1. Yeah the natural one is the best by far and less fattening which is probably why most people don't really like it. I don't really understand why people say that it doesn't have enough taste because it is probably the best natural yogurt out there, or at least the best in the UK cause I have to say I have tried different brands of natural yogurt in this country and they taste pretty bad.

  8. It’s called dairy dessert because if you look at the ingredients it contains no yogurt. It’s basically cream, milk, and favouring.

  9. I am addicted to Perle De Lait Coconut Yogurt but would like to know WHY is there such a fluctuation in the prices . the latest price for me was £2.35 now that's what I call 'Over the top'!!
    The prices I have come across are £1 £1.50 £1.60 £1.78 £1.97 £2.00 and £2.35 we are talking about the same yogurt .
    What is your answer to this please surely a price in the middle for any should be more fairer??

    1. I wish I knew, Barbara! The prices in supermarkets drive me NUTS sometimes. I feel the same way about Philadelphia. Sometimes I can go in and it's £1 for the big tub, and the next week it's £2.75! I've pretty much given up buying yoghurts from supermarkets, and just buy the Greek Yoghurt from ALDI or LIDL and have it with fruits or honey!

      But yeah, I totally agree with you. £2.35 for four wee "dairy desserts" is totally over the top!

  10. I was wondering if anyone could please list the ingredients for the Classic Perle de Lait? We easily became attached to this flavor while in Europe and cannot find an equivalent in the US, sadly. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, Katherine! I can't do it right now, as even Google isn't coming up with anything, but when I'm going for my groceries – possibly tomorrow? – I'll make a note to check them out for you, and make another comment/update the post with said ingredients. Hope you find something similar!

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