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[Product Review] Yoplait’s Perle de Lait Classic Dairy Dessert

12th February 2010

FATGIRLslim | Perle de Lait Dairy Dessert [Product Review]
Yoplait’s new “dairy dessert”, Perle de Lait

Product Review:

Yoplait’s Perle de Lait Classic “dairy dessert”.

If you’ve seen the advert on the TV lately, you’ll maybe remember the girl with the french accent eating the “sour” plain yoghurt, looking wretched and making a face with every spoonful. Then, she switches to Perle de Lait, gets a beauty makeover, and happily eats her plain yoghurt, smiling!

Originally, I wanted the coconut flavour, but since they’re on special offer at ASDA (and probably everywhere else right now) they’re like hot-cakes. When I got to the supermarket, all that was left was the “Classic” flavour,

Now, I must admit, I actually enjoy sour yoghurt. I eat Fage 0% with a little bit of honey, and savour the tang when I get through the sweetness of the honey to the yoghurt below.

So the first thing that I noticed when I licked the lid (who doesn’t lick the lid?!) was that there wasn’t much tang.

Unfortunately, at first, there wasn’t much in the way of taste, either. It’s like somebody’s taken plain yoghurt and removed all the flavour.

And it didn’t get much better, either. Halfway through the pot, and I realised that yes, there’s not much in the way of taste. It’s very… nondescript. You get a weird hint of creamy, but not in the way that you get from real cream.

I’d say, overall, that the yoghurt isn’t meant to be eaten on its own. Dollop it over some strawberries and you’d have a great time with it, I think. But not on its own.

… that said, it’s not like I didn’t finish the whole 125g pot. It’s nice enough, at least, to finish eating it.

A definitely disappointing ★★☆☆☆

Maybe the Lemon or Coconut flavours are better.

(Also: why “dairy dessert”? Why is this not a real yoghurt? Does anybody know?)

Pot size: 125g
Nutritional Information per 100g: 122 calories; 3.1g protein; 5.1g carbs (of which sugars: 4.1g); fat: 9.9g (of which saturates: 6.6g); fibre: 0g; sodium: 0.05g.



I have received no monetary or complementary compensation for this review. This product was bought for my own consumption from my own funds.

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