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[Product Review] The Zero Scale

I’m pretty excited, and let me tell you why:

Today, I received a new set of scales.

I was contacted a little while ago and asked to take part in a five-week challenge, by the makers of The Zero Scale; The Zero Excuses Weight-Loss Challenge.

I’ll post more in-depth details later, but today, I’m just gonna talk about the scale.

The Zero Scale

The Zero Scale is different from other scales, in that it doesn’t tell you your weight. It has memory for up to four users, plus one guest account, and you calibrate one account, wait for it to zero out, and step on.

It takes note of your starting weight, but doesn’t tell you what it is. The next time you step on (the next day, or the next week or whenever) it tells you how much you’ve gained, or lost. Not how much you weigh.

I think that this is an excellent idea. I’ve had so many people over the years comment to say that they’ve been put off by looking at the number on the scale and seeing how far they’ve got to go, or just how high the number is, that it’s put them off completely, and they’ve stopped trying to become healthy or lose weight.

I’ve done the same thing. I’ve looked at my current weight and thought, “That’s huge. Why am I so huge? I can’t do this. I’ll never get to my goal weight.” Even when I look at my weigh-in information on my weigh-in days and see 207lbs to go, or, when I started, 304lbs to go, I’m disheartened.

That’s a lot of weight to lose.

But the idea of The Zero Scale is to show how far you’ve come, instead of how far you have to go. To show your success, and not the huge number that you’ve still to lose, if you’re like me.

I’m pretty excited by it.

The scale itself is aesthetically beautiful. It’s sleek, and thin, made of glass, and has a good large standing area, and an easy area to tap to move between users. The “tap here” area taps easily. You don’t have to tap hard at all.

The screen is large and bright, and very easy to read.

It’s easy to set up, and easy to use. I’m pretty impressed with it, and excited to use it.

The Zero Scale, with my feet for size

In a few days’ time, I’ll be posting a code that gives you a discount on your first purchase of The Zero Scale at, as well as sharing details of the The Zero Excuses Challenge, which starts Monday, November 7, and lasts for five weeks.

I hope you’ll join me on the challenge, and see what we can do to change our bodies for the better in the run-up to Christmas. 🙂

Be part of the No More Excuses club with me!


I received The Zero Scale and The Zero Scale Pedometer for free in exchange for taking part in The Zero Excuses Weight Loss Challenge, and posting on with my review and experiences of the product. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have received no monetary compensation for any of the posts relating to The Zero Scale or The Zero Excuses Weight Loss Challenge.

If you would like me to review your product, please contact me, although requesting a review does not guarantee acceptance.

3 thoughts on “[Product Review] The Zero Scale”

  1. Oh. My. God. THIS IS GENIUS!!!!

    Shoot…I wish I could trade in my Weight Watchers scale for this puppy.

    Happy trails to you! I love this. Thank you so much to sharing. 🙂

    1. I’m really excited to start this challenge and start using this scale! It’s such a good idea, because I focus so much on that “xxxlbs to go” number that I regularly find myself thinking, “OH, MY GOD, I’m NEVER gonna get there.”

      So I’m thrilled about this.

      I’m not quite sure what the discount will be, but maybe you’ll be able to afford one, too! 🙂

  2. Hello! I am so excited that you got the scale and are starting the challenge. I bought a zero scale too (which I so love) and have been training with Rich Kreps the inventor and owner of the zero excuses fitnes network. He is the best!! I have lost 26-pounds in a couple of months and I droped 3.5 inches in just three weeks. The workouts are only 30min but they are tough. You will get get great results with his training and nutrition plan. He has changed my life!!!!!!!!!! NOw only 15-20 pound away from my goal. I will follow you through this. Good Luck!!

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