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[Product Review] The New You Plan – Part One

I was contacted last week by a gentleman at The New You Plan, to see if I wanted to try out their Total Food Replacement Plan.

Given that I’ve never tried out a Total Food Replacement Plan, I obviously gave the answer: hell yes, please put me into ketosis. (Only more polite, and with better words and sentences.)

The New You Plan is a Very Low Calorie Diet, which relies on Total Food Replacement packets, including soups, shakes, bars, porridges, etc, to replace your daily food intake with nutritionally complete food, which has calories as low as 800kcal. For a normal person looking to start on The New You Plan, they would continue to eat these meal replacements until such time as they hit their goal weight, and then they’d carefully go into what’s called “refeeding” or maintenance mode, where food is slowly reintroduced into the diet so you can maintain your weight.

The idea of The New You Plan is to put your body into ketosis, which is the metabolic state where your body burns ketone bodies in the blood as a source of energy, instead of carbohydrates from carb-rich foods, meaning that your body will basically be eating itself instead of sourcing energy from your food. It’s not as scary as it sounds, and it’s actually one of the more/most perfect and perfectly healthy ways of losing weight. (It’s just an absolute bugger for me, because I love sugar, carbs, salt, donuts, soda, crisps, etc…)

FATGIRLslim | The New You Plan - Part One
Contents of the week’s box – including a wee surprise of a mixing bottle, some water flavouring, and some breath strips, as well as the week’s food.


I received a week’s worth of products from The New You Plan, in return for an unbiased, honest review. I received no payment, nor will I receive any. As of date of publication (October 1 2014) none of the links in this post are affiliate links.

If you would like me to review your product, please contact me, although requesting a review does not guarantee acceptance.

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