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[Product Review] Superfruit Slim; Part Two

Following up from my first review of SuperFruit Slim, I’ve now completed the full 30 days.


As I mentioned in the first review, I didn’t have much of an appetite in the first week, so I couldn’t comment on whether or not SuperFruit Slim helped suppress it!

But my appetite’s slowly been returning, now that the stress of Tribunals and college interviews and therapy have passed, but it’s definitely not back to my old, crazy self! I’m tempted to do a further review in a month to see how much of a difference I feel when I’m not taking, but that’ll probably be overkill.

Safe to say, however, that it hasn’t solved my food addiction or my cravings. I didn’t expect it to; it doesn’t claim to be a miracle, cure-all pill, after all!

I have certainly felt an improvement in energy and the ability to stay awake through the whole day. I think I’ve only had to nap on one or two days of the month, and those have been days where I’ve been up crazy late the night before. I’m used to having to go for a nap at least twice a week, because I just don’t have the energy to make it through the whole day.

I haven’t even been drinking coffee (except for my outings to Starbucks the past two Thursdays, and maybe when I’m at my parents’ place), so this is amazing to me. Especially considering the fact that I have been running around like a lunatic for one reason or another the past two weeks.

I haven’t experienced any weird side-effects, either. It’s all been a smooth, pleasant ride!

Physical Outcome

Weight-wise, I’ve been up and down, and overall, I’ve actually gained a tiny little bit. I’m fine with that. Because in the month I’ve been taking SuperFruit Slim, due to the increased energy I’ve had, I’ve been up and about and doing a wee bit more exercise every day, whether it’s been my dance games or doing a bit of a longer walk – or running around like a headless chicken – or painting my bathroom.

My measurements at the start of the month were the same as at the start of the year:

Right upper arm: 19″
Bust: 60″
Under bust: 52″
Waist: 57″
Hips: 71″
Upper Right Thigh: 34″
Upper Right Calf: 20″
Upper Left Calf (mutant/left leg): 21″

My measurements today are as follows:

Right upper arm: 18″
Bust: 59″
Under bust: 52″
Waist: 55″
Hips: 69″
Upper Right Thigh: 34″
Upper Right Calf: 19.5″
Upper Left Calf (mutant/left leg): 21″

Now, the change in bust measurement could come from simply wearing a different bra today. I’m pretty sure I am.

But the change in waist and hips?

I’m impressed with that. I’m really happy with that.

I’m really annoyed with that! I’d been wondering why my underwear kept on sliding down…

Overall/Value For Money?

Overall, I’m happy with the performance of SuperFruit Slim. I wish that I could have done it better credit and had a really healthy food intake and exercise regime for the entire month and had some really stunning weight loss and physical outcomes to show for it, but I think that the way they’ve given me the energy to get up and exercise speaks for itself.

I think that if you’re going to use SuperFruit Slim, it would be best done in conjunction with a good healthy living and exercise regime (NOT a diet!); it might give you a little boost you didn’t know you needed!

As for value for money: I know it might seem a little expensive, but if you go for the 3 bottles + 1 bottle free, it’s actually really good value. 120 days’ supply for the price of 90 days’. And if I’m honest with myself: if I was working, I’d probably spend that much on junk food in four months, anyway. (Yes, even while trying to lose weight!)


If you want to check out Superfruit Slim for yourself, you can do so here.

It costs £97 for 3 bottles + 1 free (120 days’ supply – best value); £59.95 for two bottles (60 days’ supply); or £34.95 for 1 bottle (30 days’ supply), and they all have free shipping to UK addresses and comes with a no quibble, 30-day money back guarantee.


In the interests of full disclosure: I have received no monetary compensation for this, or any future review for Superfruit Slim, and any and all opinions are my own. I received only the One Month trial package. However, if you use the links provided above and should purchase anything from the Superfruit Slim website, I will receive an affiliate’s payment. Affiliate’s Links were updated on April 10, 2018.

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8 thoughts on “[Product Review] Superfruit Slim; Part Two”

  1. Interesting! I’ve been on Superfruit Slim (albeit intermittently) for 2 months. Whilst I’ve only lost 3kg during this period, I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist, which is an unusually big loss for me, Maybe there’s something in it.

    1. I'm still convinced it's the extra energy I had which meant I was up and about more, in my case. 🙂 That's definitely a really good outcome in 2 months, though! Well done.

  2. I have taken these pills twice a day for 2 months and not lost so much as a pound. They also make you feel jittery and a little aggressive for a few hours after taking them and then a slump afterwards. As for weight loss, none at all.

    1. Hi, Jen! I’m sorry to hear about that. 🙁 Everyone has a different reaction to supplements, and I’d say that the best thing you could do is to stop taking it, and take it to your doctor just to check things out. It just be that one of the ingredients doesn’t agree with you.

      Re: the weight loss, or lack thereof, I’m afraid I can’t help you there. I’m assuming that you’re doing the suggested “follow a healthy diet and participate in the government recommended exercise every day” thing and aren’t seeing any results, which is always beyond frustrating, ESPECIALLY when you’re taking a supplement that’s supposed to help. I’d definitely go to your doctor, explain what you’ve been taking and doing the past two months with trying to lose weight, and see if you can get any help that way! But jitteriness and aggression isn’t the outcome anyone wants. 🙁

      Let me know how you get on, please?

  3. I followed the directions and even increased my cardio, cut out sugar. Did not loose a pound. This product does not work!

    1. Hey L, sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you. Simply cutting sugar out of your diet isn’t going to guarantee a weight loss – although kudos for giving it a shot! I have tried and haven’t managed so far to give sugar up yet! – and Superfruit Slim doesn’t guarantee a weight loss either; it simply says that it’ll help you get a weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

      Re: increasing cardio, I’d actually suggest cardio *and* weights, as I’m sure you know that you burn more fat when you have more lean muscle mass. 🙂 Including some weight training in your fitness routine will help you lose weight overall, hopefully, with or without the Superfruit Slim.

      Best of luck with your weight loss efforts in the future!

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