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[Product Review] Superfruit Slim; Part One

18th May 2013



I was approached a little while back, and asked if I wanted to try out a dietary supplement, by the name of Superfruit Slim. I did a little research into the supplement, and its ingredients, and decided to try it out after seeing how much guarana seed and Green Tea extract was in it. My psychiatrist suggested, last summer, that I increase my non-existent green tea intake. It’s supposed to be very good for general health, and weight loss in particular. He even said that if it’s green tea extract, it does exactly the same as drinking your green tea.

(Which is excellent news, as I’m a coffee fan, and this comic explains perfectly how I feel about tea.)

So yes. I decided to give it a go.


I received my package last week. I was very impressed with the packaging itself. There were no glaring marks on the outside stating that it was from any online herbal remedy stores, or anything of that nature. (Trust me, I’ve had it in the past. I was pretty sure that one of my packages from a supplement store was going to be confiscated by Royal Mail for containing illegal drugs, it looked so bad.)


I don’t know why I fuzzed my name and address out. It’s on my, anyway. But moving swiftly on. You can see the actual bottle at the top of the page. Shows acai berries, raspberries, and mangoes on the label. Gives the supplement facts on the right-hand side in an easy-to-read black-on-white box, just like the nutritional information on food.


The bottle has your typical “sealed for your protection” seal inside the lid.


And inside that, the little cotton wool ball to stop the pills bouncing around or whatever it’s for (I honestly have no idea!) and a little silica gel pouch. The actual pill shown for illustrative purposes: approx 0.875″ in length.


Impressions So Far

I’ve been taking the pills as directed (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) for just over a week now, and I can honestly say I’ve found a marked improvement in my energy levels.

I don’t feel anywhere near as tired in the middle of the day.

Unfortunately I can’t comment much on the claims of it decreasing appetite, as I’ve had pretty much none for the past two months anyway. But I’m definitely enjoying the fact that I don’t want to go and lie down in the middle of the day right now. I can get through almost a normal day’s hours without wanting to curl up next to the cat.

Which is a marked improvement, let me tell you.

Alas, it doesn’t do anything for depression, manic swings, or anxiety, so I’m still having to cope with them, but I’m at least getting a little more work done around the house. I believe I tweeted today about doing my dishes before midnight…?

Which says a lot in and of itself.

I’ll do a full, proper review of how I feel they’ve helped, if at all, once the full container has been used at the end of the month (not the end of May; probably sometime closer to June 5 or 6). But so far, I’m feeling positive.


If you want to check out Superfruit Slim for yourself, you can do so here.

It costs £97 for 3 bottles + 1 free (120 days’ supply – best value); £59.95 for two bottles (60 days’ supply); or £34.95 for 1 bottle (30 days’ supply), and they all have free shipping to UK addresses and comes with a no quibble, 30-day money back guarantee.


For those interested, the follow-up review is also available here, detailing how I think SuperFruit Slim has affected me over the past month. It includes physical effects, well-being effects, and measurements!


In the interests of full disclosure: I have received no monetary compensation for this, or any future review for Superfruit Slim. I received only the One Month trial package. However, if you use the links provided above and should purchase anything from the Superfruit Slim website, I will receive an affiliate’s payment.

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