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[Product Review] Slim Fruits Pastilles

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Slim Fruits Pastilles

Slim Fruits are sugar free and fat free pastilles, with 40% fibre from acacia gum, that you can use when you’re trying to lose weight, by replacing some of your usual snacks with some of the Slim Fruits. The fibre will help you feel full, and should reduce your snacking tendencies! They’re currently available in two flavours: Luscious Peach Melba, and Luscious Rhubarb and Strawberry.

I had the chance to test these little pastilles out recently, in order to see how well they curbed my cravings.

Initial Impression: Flavour

The flavour was pretty much what I expected: you could really, really taste the peach in the peach melba pastilles (who can name the other flavour in peach melba?! Hint: it’s raspberry.), which is awesome because peaches are gorgeous and taste like summer. The rhubarb and strawberry ones tasted like a lovely blend of both flavours, which was quite nice (although once you’ve sucked on the pastille for a minute or so, I find the rhubarb begins to dominate the flavour a little! :D).

Unfortunately, because they’re sugar-free and fat-free, they’re made with Sorbitol, Maltitol and Xylitol as sweeteners, and they have that kind of… fake aftertaste, too. If you’re ever eaten something that’s made with a lot of sweeteners, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It sits up in the back corners of your mouth, and makes your spit glands work overtime, which is kind of annoying, because the first flavour – and even the smell – of the pastilles is really nice. To the point where I ate the first box without noticing what I was doing, really.

Initial Impression: Texture

I would say: do not try to chew these, unless you particularly enjoy having a really sore jaw. They’re not like fruit pastilles: these are hard gums. They’re intended to be sucked on, and gradually released. Not used as sweets.

And even if you do chew them, they’re still not intended as sweets.

As you suck on the pastilles, they dissolve slowly and easily, and last a long time. Even when they’re down to a thin sliver, it’s still pretty tough to chew! Just the way a hard gum should be, in my opinion.


Let me just reiterate:

This product is not intended as a sweet. It is not intended to replace all of your snacking.

Remember what I said above, about eating a box without noticing what I was doing? And also about the sweeteners?

Yes. Slim Fruits also come with the following warning:

Excess consumption may have a laxative effect.

I will leave the rest to your imagination.


Overall, I found that when I did use Slim Fruits, while I was out and about (they fit into your pocket wonderfully!) and found myself getting hungry, that popping a few into my mouth not only took my mind off of a Mars Bar or a packet of crisps, but it helped to quell the hunger, at least enough that it didn’t bother me until my next meal.

Of course, there was the odd hiccup with trying to figure out what constituted “excess consumption” (more than 24g in a day, in my case), but that’s always going to be a personal matter, to do with how well one’s body deals with sweeteners.

Mostly, I’m pretty happy to say that I found that Slim Fruits did, in fact, have an impact on my hunger when I needed it to.

With everything taken into consideration (flavour, texture, that… laxative effect) I’ll be awarding it:

Awarded: ★★★☆☆

Two stars lost for the weird aftertaste, and for that laxative effect. If you’re going to use these pastilles on an ongoing basis, please do not use them excessively!


Available from Holland & Barrett, and other participating retailers. Although I’m not sure which ones they are – try Google. 🙂


I received 7 packs of Slim Fruits in order to test out this product, and received no monetary compensation for doing so. The Amazon link is a affiliate link, and if you purchase anything from using that link, I will receive a referral’s percentage, which in no way affects your purchase. No other link in this review is an affiliate link.

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