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When I was browsing Facebook, or playing Mall World on Facebook, or doing SOMETHING on Facebook, there was a sponsored advert that caught my eye: a product called Skinny Sprinkles®. I checked out the website to find out what the product was, fell in love with the retro style, and was a bit cheeky, and sent them off an email asking if they’d send me some out for a review.

Jane Hodgson was kind enough to say “Yeah! We’ll send you out a box, no problem!”, and I started using them last Monday, the day after my weigh-in.

(I should have started using them on Sunday, immediately after my weigh-in, but. Hey. I had a blonde moment. No offense to you blondes out there!)

Okay, let me get the science-y bit out of the way first, with the PDF that Jane sent me:

Click for bigger image!

When I received my box, I was really worried, because my postie had managed to mangle my box, but I taped it back together for photos:

Posting Packaging – the box can fit easily through your letterbox… but apparently my postie couldn’t get into the block the day before? Oh well.

Retro goodness on the box! How cute is it, seriously?!

21 little sachets, ready to be used!

Monday morning before breakfast, I had my first attempt at making a Skinny Sprinkle. Got my glass of water ready, had my spoon to stir it ready, opened my sachet…

First impressions: WOW, it really smells of strawberry! Like, REAL strawberries, not that fake-smelling strawberry smell you sometimes get in things.

Emptied my sachet into my glass and went, “OH CRAP,” because it had done that thing where you put powder into water and it goes into clumps? Totally my fault; I should have actually sprinkled instead of DUMPING. Spent the next minute mashing the lumps against the side of my glass, and THEN stirring it feverishly, then slowly.

Skinny Sprinkle SMOOTHIE!

Even although the box has the picture of the glass with the orange liquid in it, I was still sitting there going, “Isn’t it supposed to be red?!” before I looked at the box again and realised no. It’s not supposed to be red. Orange is normal, and good.

Taste: Not overwhelmingly strawberryish! I thought, from the way it smelled, that it would be overpowering in the flavour of strawberry, but it’s more like a really nice diluting juice instead of, let’s say, strawberry fruit juice, which is almost what I was expecting.

Effects: Obviously not instantaneous, but I definitely felt the effects after maybe half an hour? I was ready to get up and actually do stuff around the house – cleaning, laundry, fixing the squinty shelf in my living room that’s been squinty for two months. I had actual energy, and considering I don’t usually have energy until after I’m finished a fitness class, that was something I sorely needed, and was much appreciated. It wore off after maybe three hours, when I pretty much went, “Wow, I’m knackered, I need to take another Skinny Sprinkles and have something to eat.”

I definitely felt like it helped me to eat less, too. I actually had a weight loss this week, which I haven’t had in a while, and I honestly think the Skinny Sprinkles had something to do with that. They say you should drink a glass of water before every meal to help you feel full and eat less, but that’s never worked for me. This did. It creates a feeling of fullness (not quite like eating a meal, but maybe like eating a good, healthy snack) and I left food on my plate for the first time in ages.

Overall: I’m pretty impressed with them! My wrist doesn’t like them – too much stirring! – but my scale certainly likes them, and I like the energy that I got from them. I’d be happy to use them again.

You can buy Skinny Sprinkles at at £29.95 for 21 sticks.


I have received no monetary compensation for this review; all opinions are my own. I was sent one week’s worth of Skinny Sprinkles® in return for a review on

If you would like me to review your product, please contact me, although requesting a review does not guarantee acceptance.

6 thoughts on “[Product Review] Skinny Sprinkles”

  1. Do you have it before every meal? Ie does 21 packets last a week (3 meals a day) Or do you just have it in the morning??

    1. Yup, I had one before every meal – the 21 sachets lasted me a week. Of course, you can use them however you want; if you feel you already eat a healthy portion (i.e. within Government guidelines) at breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can skip that meal and save those sachets for the next week! Entirely up to yourself. But the Skinny Sprinkles® recommendation is to use one sachet before every meal. 🙂 Hope that helps!

    1. I love the vintage style, too! It's so cute. 😀

      It's less than 20 calories per stick/sachet, if mixed with water. But you could also mix it with the same amount of milk for a milkshake-type drink – which comes out to about 60 calories, I think?!

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