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[Product Review] Saints & Slimmers Snacks: Pretzels, and Triple-Chocolate Whey Protein Powder


Saints & Slimmers
Saints & Slimmers is the UK’s fastest growing diet brand1, offering a range of diets to suit every taste, goal and budget, with prices starting from just £2.14/day. Founded by Oliver Cookson, the UK’s best known industry expert in the field of protein and nutrition, who founded the sports nutrition brands Myprotein® and GoNutrition™. Oliver has used his knowledge of the benefits of protein in dieting to help devise the products sold on Saints & Slimmers, which is one of the things that makes them so effective.

The Products

I was sent two different products to test out – I left it up to Hayley from S&S to decide which I was sent, but she mentioned muffins and pretzels and whey protein and mousse and what-have-you! I said I’d have loved to have tried the muffins and whey protein, but she was kind enough to not send me too many chocolate-y things, and sent me the pretzels and the TRIPLE(!!!) chocolate whey protein powder.

The pretzels are portioned individually, which is awesome, because if you have trouble with portion control, take one pack, and get the others out of sight, because you will want more. They taste just like regular pretzels, but the salt is lighter. No humongous salt crystals here! (But that’s a good thing, where your body’s concerned!) There is, however, a nice wee shock of salt right at the bottom of the pack, if you toss the crumbs back, if you’re a crumb-chaser. *grin* I even gave my Mum a few pretzels to try, and she said that she really, really liked them, didn’t know what the difference was between these pretzels and “regular” pretzels.

Only difference? These are portioned at 100kcal per bag, and contain less salt than regular pretzels.

Verdict: Pretzels

A definite ★★★★★ from me!

The Triple-Chocolate Whey Protein Powder is a 100% whey shake, also coming in at just 100kcal per serving (when made with water; 150kcal when made with skimmed milk), choc-full (ha, see what I did there?) of good protein to keep you fuller longer to stop you binge-ing and snacking on high-calorie foods in-between meals.

I made it in two different ways. I made it with 200ml of 1% milk, which I mixed (in another brand’s shake mixer) and poured into a glass. It wasn’t as thick as I’m used to Slim•Fast and other shakes, etc, being, but I’ve never had a pure whey shake/drink before, so I can’t compare! It was just a little thicker than the milk itself.

The flavour on the other hand… woooh boy. Triple chocolate alarm bells, ding-dong, etc! I am not usually one to ring the bells of chocolate-flavoured things, too, because I am definitely more of a savoury or vanilla-flavoured (or cherry; give me cherry any day!) things, but this wasn’t your ordinary, every-day, milk chocolate, boring, bog-standard chocolate-flavour.

This was really dang-good chocolate-flavoured-flavour.

Even when I made it with the 150ml of water (making it 100kcal; even when made with up to 200ml of water, it’s still 100kcal, but please note, if you were to increase the amount of milk, it would increase the amount of calories), I could still really taste the chocolate. It was a lot thinner, so I think a lot of the thickness of it came from the milk’s texture, etc, but the flavour was still all there, which is pretty impressive.

★★★★☆ for the whey protein, only because I’d be making it with milk the entire time and killing an entire extra – GASP – 50kcal.

Additional Photos

100% Whey Triple Chocolate Shake made with 200ml of 1% milk (please note, this is a 1/2 pint glass!)

100% Whey Triple Chocolate Shake made with 150ml of water (please note, this glass is much bigger than 1/2 pint!)

Also, notice how the colour’s much darker when it’s made with water. 😀 I just think that’s cool. Silly milk, being all white like that.


Overall, I’m really impressed with these two snacks. I hate to sound like I’m always impressed with everything, but considering I’m not the hugest fan of chocolate, the Triple Chocolate Whey Shake really is nice, and the pretzels are the best pretzels I’ve had in ages (that haven’t been Cream Cheese and Chive flavour!).

I will admit, I was more than able to eat 2 packs of pretzels at once, one time I had a seriously snack-craving, but rather 200kcals than, say, an entire pack of biscuits, right?

The Whey shake, on the other hand, does a damn fine job of keeping hunger at bay for at least two or three hours, so it’d be a fine thing to use if you were using a VLCD (which S&S offer) and were feeling hunger pangs, but were allowed extra calories in-between. It’d tide you over without screwing up your carb & calorie allowance completely.


Saints & Slimmers products are, as far I know(!) only available directly through Saints & Slimmers, where they offer a variety of diets, VLCDs, snacks, meals, meal replacements and accessories to help you lose weight. They also have a vibrant community, comprising blogs and forums, and offers, discount vouchers and codes in order to boost your efforts.


In the interests of full disclosure, I was provided 7 (seven) packets of 100kcal pretzels, and one 500g pouch of 100% Whey Protein Triple Chocolate Shake to review for Saints & Slimmers. I was not required to write a positive review; all opinions are, as always, my own. None of the links to Saints & Slimmers are affiliate links. 1 copy has been altered from Saints & Slimmers’ About Us page.

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