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[Product Review] Phentaslim Dietary Supplement – Part Two

(First off: sorry for the lateness of the second review. Life dropped something in my lap over the weekend when I was supposed to be writing this up, and I couldn’t get on the computer for more than 5 minutes. I’ll explain in another post!)


Phentaslim Bottle - FATGIRLslim Phentaslim Review

The Outcome

Before I get started on the nitty-gritty of the actual details (weigh-in and measurements, etc) of the month, I’d obviously like to talk about how the month felt.

When I was taking Optimum Nutra’s other supplement, Superfruit Slim, there was a noticeable increase in my energy; I mentioned that in the review at the time.

However, while taking Phentaslim, not only was there an increase in my energy, but there was an increase in my alertness. I wasn’t just able to feel energised during the month, but I felt awake during the month, and it wasn’t the same kind of energy you get from a cup of coffee. It was the kind of energy you get from a really good night’s sleep. I’m not just saying that, either! During the last month, my sleep pattern has completely changed. I’ve gone from sleeping until 3 in the afternoon, to going to sleep close to midnight and waking before noon, looking forward to the day.

There’ve been days when I think the only reason I’ve been able to stay awake, has been because of the energy Phentaslim‘s given me. I had a day where I had 4 hours’ sleep, and I managed to stay awake until midnight without napping, where normally I’d sleep for a few hours during the day and then go to sleep really, REALLY late and regret the whole thing and… ugh, yes.

I also feel as though my appetite’s been lessened, which is quite amazing, considering how much it’s already been lessened by my use of Slimpods, but there’ve been days when I’ve literally been happy just eating my three meals. The last time that happened to me, I must have been a kid. But it happened more than once, this month. And I’m pretty sure hell hasn’t frozen over.

All right, though. Time to get down to the nitty-gritty, huh?

Weigh-in time.

Mid-Month Phentaslim Weigh-in

-8.5lbs since Phentaslim Part One

If we go by my March weigh-in, I’ve lost 8.5lbs since I started taking Phentaslim… but that’s not including the weight I gained and lost during the month. I mentioned in the April weigh-in that I almost hit 380lbs at one point in March, due to a seriously low ebb in my mood and the accompanying binge-eating, which means it’s actually more like 15lbs. (Plus a couple more, probably, since I’ve also just gotten over That Time Of The Month…)

I’m more than thrilled with that weigh-in. I can actually feel the difference in my body – my knees don’t hurt as bad as they do when I’m creeping up to the 380s; I’m not gasping for air as much when I’m climbing the stairs to my flat; and while my back still hurts, I can walk that wee bit further before it starts hurting.

It’s all good!

Mid-Month Phentaslim Measurements

March, 2014

  • Left wrist: 7″
  • Upper left arm: 18″
  • Left thigh: 33″
  • Left calf: 20″
  • Left ankle: 11.75″

  • Right wrist: 7″
  • Upper right arm: 19″
  • Right thigh: 33″
  • Right calf: 19″
  • Right ankle: 10.25″

  • Neck: 16″
  • Bust: 57″
  • Band size: 48.75″
  • Waist: 54″
  • Hips: 66″
April, 2014

  • Left wrist: 7″
  • Upper left arm: 18″
  • Left thigh: 32″ (-1″)
  • Left calf: 20″
  • Left ankle: 12″ (+0.25″)

  • Right wrist: 7″
  • Upper right arm: 19″
  • Right thigh: 33″
  • Right calf: 19″
  • Right ankle: 10.25″

  • Neck: 15.5″ (-0.5″)
  • Bust: 57″
  • Band size: 50″ (+1.25″)
  • Waist: 54″
  • Hips: 68.25″ (-2.5″)

Phentaslim Pros

Well, I talked above about the best pros above: the amazing energy and awareness that you get while taking Phentaslim. I’m not even kidding! I wish I had more than a month’s worth. 🙂 If I was a student, I’d kill for the energy and alertness these things give you – so long as you use them WISELY, and as PART OF A VARIED AND BALANCED DIET, and don’t use Phentaslim as a substitute for food or as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. >:( Pills ≠ food.

But they really are quite amazing when it comes to increasing energy and alertness. I can’t talk science re: their claims for supercharged metabolism and thermogenic fat burning, but my weigh-in’s pretty effing decent, considering I didn’t do any actual exercise this month. I walked home once or twice (two miles at most) and did the grocery shopping. Usual stuff.

I didn’t do any intentional exercise this month!

And I do like the fact that they smell like raspberries when you’re taking the pill out of the bottle. But that’s a personal thing. 🙂

Phentaslim Cons

The cons list is really, really small, because there have only been two side effects that I’ve noticed.


It may just be me, but I’ve noticed quite a big increase in my need to urinate this month. That includes going to the bathroom during the night. I usually go once a night anyway, but while taking Phentaslim, I’ve been going twice a night; once, I went three times a night. It’s not a huge inconvenience, and not a terrible thing. It just means that I’ve had to remember to “go” before I go out, more than I usually do, and that I’ve been going more than usual.

(And my pee is kind of pink sometimes!)


Probably connected to the above, I’ve needed to drink a heck of a lot more this month than usual, which I fully expected, given that caffeine is a diuretic. It’s not unusual, and, as I said, I totally expected it, and it’s probably completely different for everybody, but just something you should look out for!

Phentaslim: Overall

Overall, I was absolutely thrilled with my month on Phentaslim. I had masses of energy, I felt alert, and I was able to pay attention to what I was doing without my bipolar disorder taking over and having me run away to do seventy thousand things an hour. Being able to pay attention was a wonderful thing, and meant that I was able to sit and knit and crochet and watch TV for a good long while, and I got a good chunk of a project for my Granny done, when I’d have gotten bored easily and moved onto something else if I hadn’t been taking it.

I love the fact that my appetite was suppressed without me even realising it – and isn’t even a claim made by the pill! – and that I’ve seen a really good weight-loss, even if the measurements don’t quite match up, although that could be down to using a new 120″ measuring tape this month, where I was using a different measuring tape last month.

Overall: ★★★★★

Recommendation, Phentaslim Availability & Pricing

I’d definitely recommend Phentaslim to anyone who needs more energy for looking after kids or trying to exercise or trying to study while losing weight; the caffeine and guarana should work wonders for you!

As for everyone else?

Well, if you’re interested, why not give it a try?! Phentaslim is 100% natural, and even comes with a 30-Day Guarantee, so if you’re not 100% happy, you can get a refund (subject to terms and conditions, of course).

I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough.

It’s available exclusively at, and is priced like so: Starter Pack – 1 Month’s Supply (30 Pills): £39 + free shipping

2 Months’ Supply – 60 Pills: £77 + free shipping

3 Months’ Supply + 1 MONTH FREE! – 120 Pills: £117 + free shipping

And I’d be really, really thrilled if you’d share this review far and wide, using the “sharing is caring!” links below. 🙂


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  1. Can I just ask if you know anyone on antidepressants like amitriptyline who has taken this or Superfruit Slim? Optimum Nutra just told me to talk to a medical professional but my doctor is very against me using diet pills off the internet. As I’ve put on 2.5 stone in 3 months since being back on amitriptyline I thought this might be a good kickstart to losing weight.

    1. Yes, you should always talk to your doctor before taking any non-prescription medications or supplements, as there could be interactions or side-effects! If you’re still set on using Phentaslim or Superfruit Slim, all that I can say is that it is your own choice – I didn’t have any side-effects, and I continued taking my own medication, but I’m not on amitriptyline. Do talk to your doctor, show him the ingredients. And good luck!

  2. Dear Tracy? How are you??? I’m new on your blogue so I’m sorry if this is a very old question (I’m not sure how this works)… Do you still recommended Phentaslim or you have a new and better one? I’ve never been so depressive with my weight as I’m now. Don’t know what more to do. PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you. Kisses

    1. Hi, Alexandra (hope that’s your name – I’m presuming so, from your username)! Hope you’re doing well.

      I’d definitely recommend Phentaslim as a supplement, as when I was taking it, I noticed an increase in the amount of energy I had and the alertness I experienced. It really helped me while I was taking it. I haven’t really taken any supplements since Phentaslim that have helped quite as much!

      But always check with your doctor first to make sure it’s okay with you, personally, to take them – certain supplements can aggravate things like heart disorders, etc. Same goes for exercise and VLCDs. Always check with your doctor first! But trust me when I say I know what it’s like to feel horrendous about your weight. But don’t despair: just something that works and try to stick with it. And remember that your weight does not define you. <3

  3. …….so the product doesn’t work as the primary reason for taking it would be to loose weight or get trimmer..

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