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[Product Review] Ozeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scale

Ozeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scale (440LB Edition) with Widescreen Blue Backlit Xbright LCD and InstaOn Technology


First Impressions

I was recently sent a set of Ozeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scales to review, and I have to say that my first impressions were, “Wow, this feels like a really good set of scales.”

How can they feel like a good set of scales? Well, let me tell you: they’re solid, well-built, and it doesn’t feel like, if I stand on them too suddenly, that they’ll crack under me. It’s happened with a set of scales I had before, that every time I stepped on them, they creaked ominously, despite being tempered glass.

The Ozeri Precision II scales are made with tempered, impact-resistant glass, and has a max weight limit of 440lbs/200kgs/31st 6lbs. (Shocking fact: they wouldn’t have weighed me at my highest weight. I’d had to have dropped 9lbs in order to use them!) And they look smart; sleek and almost futuristic-y. They’re also very close to the floor.



  • The Insta-On Technology! You don’t have to tap-and-wait with these scales. Step on, and they’ll start weighing you immediately, and settle down once all your weight’s on.


  • The scales have a wider-than-average standing platform, which means that people who have thicker thighs might find it easier to stand and balance. From personal experience, I know that I have difficulty standing still on scales without wobbling, and it means that my scales wobble, too, and the weight fluctuates up and down due to that. These ones are wider so my feet can be a little farther apart, affording me greater balance.
  • It also means that the scales weigh you pretty quickly. I’m talking seconds, if not fractions of seconds!
  • They’re consistent. My Dad was curious when he was up helping me drag my shopping up the stairs, and he must have stepped on and off about four or five times, and with the exception of the first time, it weighed him at the exact same weight every time. (I can’t remember what it was; low 220s? I’m trying to shame you into losing weight here, Dad! :P)
  • It’s easy to carry them. The front and back sit directly on the floor all across the way, but the sides are slightly raised, and it’s like this perfect little grip to take the scales from room-to-room one-handed.
  • It comes with its own batteries!


  • The screen is really bright, and, on this model, all that’s on screen is your weight, so the display is clear and bright…


  • …unless you’re in bad light/too tall! I’m 5’10” and I need to step off before I can read my weight. But the good news is that your recorded weight stays onscreen for ages. I should probably have counted how long, but I’d say about 20 seconds or 30 seconds? Long enough for you to get off and see what it is, and take a photo, anyway!


  • You really need to pay attention and don’t use it on a thick carpeted floor. I tried it on all of the floors in my house, and the difference between my flat, non-carpeted floor, and my thick carpeted floor in my bedroom, was 200lbs. It does weigh you on a carpet, but does so completely inaccurately.


Overall, I think that the Ozeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scales are a really decent piece of bathroom equipment. They feel solid, and the tempered, impact-resistant glass means that I feel secure enough in stepping onto them without doing it “delicately”. They’re not super-heavy-duty; they don’t weigh a tonne, but they weigh enough to know that they’re going to last and last and last.

They also look good; the design is smart and sleek, and the LCD screen is bright and clear.

The CONS are really minor when you consider the PROS. Assuming that everyone has at least one tiled/non-carpeted floor in their house, I don’t see why there’d be a problem with buying these scales, to be honest. (And, in a pinch, they work on cord carpet fairly accurately, too.)

They come well-packed with the batteries tucked into a little hollowed-out niche in the styrofoam protection ends and a little user manual. There’s a button on the back to switch between pounds, kilograms and stones/lbs. And, as I mentioned in the PROS list, they’re consistent.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (Star lost because I wish I could read my weight while still standing on the scale, but alas…)


If you’re interested in buying the Ozeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scale, it’s available at, or you can check out the rest of Ozeri’s products on


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