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[Product Review] Flora Lighter Than Light Spread

Flora’s “Lighter Than Light”

Product Review:

Flora’s Lighter Than Light spread.

Touted as “the lowest fat spread” currently on the market, I was actually looking for something cheap that I could chuck on a sandwich underneath all the tuna and extra-light mayonnaise I was planning on eating.

(Tuna and extra-light mayonnaise is a favourite sandwich of mine. Especially if you chuck on a load of lettuce and tomato and onion. But lettuce seems to be lacking in this house of late. I’ll need to throw that onto the Big Shopping List for this week. Good to fill up on at lunchtime when I get bored of tomato soup.)

See, I can’t just have bread and tuna/mayo and salad. There has to be something between the bread and the tuna/mayo concoction, I’m not entirely sure why.

But when it comes to margarine, there’s such a huge bloody selection, I’m never sure which to choose. Mum uses Bertolli with Olive Oil. I’m not too keen on the taste. (There was an Olive Oil margarine we used in Ireland that I quite liked, but you can’t buy it here. And it wasn’t low fat. Suck. Anyway, I digress.) So when I was in ASDA getting my own shopping last week, I thought, “Bollocks, I need to buy my own margarine.”

Have you ever been in the margarine section in a supermarket? There are more choices in margarine than there are in milk. And in cheese. There’s more choices in margarine than in chocolate!

Olive oil! Heart-healthy! Lower your cholesterol by using this margarine! Full-fat! Low-fat! Normal! STORK (Stork reminds me of my Granny King. Stork on Plain bread.). Oh, my GOD, how would I choose?

Well, it would have to be low fat. Because after the debacle with the Perle de lait yoghurts (never again! SO MUCH FAT! Just so y’all know, I didn’t even eat them all. I threw most of them out.) I am done with reviewing high-fat/non-diet products. This is a weight-loss blog, after all.

And my eye landed on “Flora Lighter Than Light”.

(The packaging has it branded as “Flora Lighter Than Light”, but the website also calls it “Flora Extra Light”. Huh.)

It is, as I mentioned at the top of the review, apparently the lowest fat margarine on the market. It’s also pretty decently priced. It’s not like I go through a lot of margarine or anything, so I chucked it in my trolley, got my shopping home, and it sat in my wee fridge until last Monday, wherein I had my first sandwich in forever.

What I made was nummy: Hovis Seed Sensations Light And Nutty (three slices! 5 Points!) and the Flora Extra Light on both sides of the middle slice, and the inside of the two outside slices – like a club sandwich but lacking the lettuce – and tuna/mayo and tomatoes as the filling.

Double-decker deliciousness.

Now, the Flora Extra Light was amazing. You could taste it, but it wasn’t overpowering. I put a lot of margarine on my sandwich SO that I could taste it, and because I do like a lot of margarine on my sandwiches – especially my tuna sandwiches – and it was just.

It was smooth, and it was tasty, and you would not think that it was low fat. It was every bit as tasty as the full-fat Olive Oil margarine we’d been using in Ireland (without the Olive Oil flavour, obviously, I wouldn’t want y’all to be buying it expecting Olive Oil flavours from it). But it was very, very surprising!

Suffice to say that I’ve had a sandwich yesterday and today and I’ve used the spread since then and it’s still tasty.

And it’s seriously SERIOUSLY low fat.

Per 3 tsps, it’s… er. 0 Points. Yeah, for the 5tsps I used on my double-decker sandwich, it was… 0.5 Points.


(Told you I used a lot of margarine on my tuna sandwiches.)

Per 15g serving (3tsp): Calories (kcal) 19; Sugars (g) Trace; Fat (g) 1.8; Saturates (g) 0.5; Salt (g) (based on sodium) 0.1.


I have received no monetary or complementary compensation for this review. This product was bought for my own consumption from my own funds.

If you would like me to review your product, please contact me, although requesting a review does not guarantee acceptance.

3 thoughts on “[Product Review] Flora Lighter Than Light Spread”

  1. I am a total bread and butter (marg, you name it) fiend. If I didn't have someone cooking for me at home I would live on toast and butter or bread and butter to bring a bit of variety into my diet. And being someone who can sit down with a crusty loaf, or a scotch plain loaf, and work my way from one end to the other, I have been *completely* unable to incorporate it into my new healthy living programme.

    Bread and crisps have been completely excised from my diet. (…mmm… crisp sandwiches!)

    I can control my chocolate intake but not bread 🙁

    I'm glad you've found a marg that suits your tastes, I've felt the same way in the Asda margarine aisle, I plumped for Rowan Glen low fat butter, but it's not great to be frank, as much flavour as silver lurpak – and I'm a salted yellow butter girl, give me a block of Anchor any day!

    1. I bought Flora lighter than light and was disgusted to find it has Pork listed in the ingredients. I am totally appalled that a leading brand like Flora does not add a declaration on the container when they do something like this. My husband and I are vegetarians and had used some of the spread before realising what was in it but we would never have guessed that we would find pork listed. I rang Flora customer services and expressed my view that Flora lighter than light should have a label reading "not for Vegetarians" or "contains Pork". They refunded me the price of the Flora but I note that it is 2 months since I rang to complain and the labelling has not been updated. I have stopped buying all Flora products and will not be tempted again

      1. Pauline:

        I'm actually at a complete loss for words! I'll admit, I never checked the ingredients that closely, because… it's margarine. Worse than that, it's REALLY LOW FAT MARGARINE. It's probably one of those things where you don't WANT to know what's actually in it. But in this case, I'm glad you've pointed this out, because my sister's a vegetarian, and has been for almost 20 years now, and I'm sure that she's used this. She's off on her holidays tomorrow, but I'll let her know when she gets back so that she doesn't use it again.

        I've personally stopped using margarine at all. I make my own mayonnaise now, and use it sparingly. At least I know what's in it, and it ain't pork…

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