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[Product Review] Aldi’s The Fishmonger Skinless & Boneless Yellowfin Frozen Tuna Steaks

8th March 2012

I used to eat fish all the time when I was younger. I have memories of going to my grandparents’ house at the weekend, and stopping at the fishmonger’s on the way to pick up some smoked haddock cutlets. I always remember the smell, more than anything else.

Since I’ve moved into my own house, I’ve discovered that I love fish, again. And the supermarket, Aldi (in the UK at least!), sells these amazing frozen fish steaks that you can cook from frozen.

The photo above is of The Fishmonger: Skinless and Boneless Yellowfin Tuna Steaks, served with Ainsley Harriott’s Wild Mushroom Couscous and an Aldi Leafy Salad (and some low-fat Co-Operative Caesar dressing).

The fish steaks cook in the oven from frozen, generally at 200°C in 30-35 minutes. This means that when I get home from a class and I need food in a hurry, I can throw one or two steaks in my oven, and dinner’s ready in less than an hour. (You can also grill them from defrosted. See pack for details.)

They’re also delicious, flaky and perfect.

What I’m used to doing with tuna is this: I buy it in tins. I drain them. I mix it with mayonnaise, and I put it on sandwiches.

Eating tuna like this is totally different: there’s no overpowering salty taste from brine. It’s just a beautiful, delicate fish flavour.

I always serve it with couscous and a big salad. I’m happy with that serving suggestion; I’m not sure how else you would serve it. Chips? Break it up and serve it with a potato salad?

However you’d decide to serve it, these fish steaks are wonderful, and at £2.99 per pack with 5 steaks per pack, I think these should be essentials for anyone who enjoys fish and lives a hectic life.

Or just for anyone who enjoys fish.


I have received no monetary or complimentary compensation for this review. This product was bought for my own consumption from my own funds. You can buy The Fishmonger Skinless & Boneless Yellowfin Frozen Tuna Steaks at Aldi stores UK-wide, as far as I’m aware, for £2.99 per pack. My pack had 5 steaks; this may not be standard.

If you would like me to review your product, please contact me, although requesting a review does not guarantee acceptance.

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