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Procrastination stations ahoy!

No, not really; it’s not procrastination!

See, the plan for us to go and rejoin Weight Watchers this week was completely scuppered because I was violently sick on Wednesday night! And by violently sick, I mean I lost 6lbs OVERNIGHT.

Which is never good, really.

I woke up on Thursday morning and I could barely speak because of the pain in my throat, and my stomach was still churning from the heaving, and I just, generally, felt a bit pooey.

Fortunately, since then, I’ve actually eaten food and kept it down, and have thusly gained back 3lbs. This will be the only time I’ve ever glad about gaining 3lbs.

So, we shall go and join Weight Watchers next Thursday.

I reckon it’ll be better, anyway. The week after Easter? Everyone else will be too ashamed to show up, so it’ll be a quiet meeting, HAHAHAHAH.

I’m kidding. But I’m also speaking from experience. I think for most people, a Bank Holiday is code-word for “FREE FOR ALL FOOD BUFFET.”

It doesn’t help that this week is Easter week, so there will be chocolates galore. Mum has so far bought me three Easter eggs…

Of which I will be getting one, because Mum has eaten one, and Dad has eaten the one that Mum bought to replace the one that she ate.

Hence, three eggs for me, but I only get one.

I’m not bothered; I asked for a Galaxy egg because I like Galaxy chocolate, but from what I could see, it was a small egg with very little in the way of extras.

Big price tag, though.

(When I was in Scotland, I saw Thornton’s [“posh” British chocolatier] eggs for £2. The Galaxy one was €10 or so, which is INSANE.

Hell, I should have just asked Mum to buy me a bar of Galaxy. Less calories; same chocolatey goodness.




There is, however, another purchase I must talk about!

I have purchased myself a bicycle. And a bicycle helmet!

I have absolutely no doubts that this is going to absolutely KILL my lower extremities. And by extremities, I mean from the bellybutton downwards. The last time I was on a bike was when we lived in Oregon and I rode my boyfriend’s bike to the local Safeway and back, a journey which took me and my friend, Louise, about… 45 minutes?

I was in agony for about three days afterwards, and that was with plenty of time spent in the pool and the hot tub.

So, I am thoroughly prepared to lose all feeling between my legs until I get used to cycling again, or until I can afford a Derri Air or an Air Limo.

(I will probably be able to lose the normal bike seat between my buttocks. I’m slightly worried about this, both for what it means for me as a rider and the bike as the ridden.

It probably won’t love me for it, that’s for sure.)

ANYWAY. That is, obviously, something that you’re going to hear about.

If you want, y’all can put on bets as to whether I make it into town (1.5miles… ish) on my first attempt, or if I’ll collapse in a gasping heap at the end of our cul-de-sac (roughly… 150-200 feet, I think)…

I will give you even odds that I collapse in a gasping heap at the end of the cul-de-sac. 🙂