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[Product Review] Phentatrim Dietary Supplement

During the summer, I was asked if I’d like to review a new product from my old friends at Optimum Nutra: Phentatrim. Phentatrim is a nutritional supplement containing three ingredients which help to stabilise your blood sugar levels and to reduce hunger – I’ve taken a nutritional supplement of one of its ingredients before, when I was using the Tony Ferguson products (no longer available in the UK), so I know how well Chromium can help you to beat your cravings!

I was also provided with a bottle of my old favourite, Phentaslim, which has been given a smart new look, as I was told that taking the two of these products together would provide the best supplemental intake for my weight loss. The design of the Phentaslim bottle has also been updated to complement the design of Phentatrim.

Phentatrim & Phentaslim – Packaging

Optimum Nutra packaging: plain, brown padded envelope with a customer reference

As I’m sure we’ve come to expect from Optimum Nutra, my product arrived quickly, and in unmarked packaging, so if you’re worried about receiving a package which screams, “FOOD SUPPLEMENT! WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT!” this definitely does not do that. It’s discreet, and the padded envelopes ensure that your products will arrive with you in perfect condition.

Phentatrim & Phentaslim – Bottles and Contents

First things first: I love this new design.  It’s eye-catching, it’s bold, and it’s very smart-looking.  I love the colours, and I love that the Phentaslim capsules even match the design, or vice-versa.

It still looks like a food supplement, of course, and has plenty of nutrition information, as shown below.

Directions for use of (top) Phentatrim and (bottom) Phentaslim.

The text on the front of Phentatrim reads:

  • ! Advanced Slimming and Weight Loss Formula
  • ! Appetite suppression and decreased food intake
  • ! Blood sugar regulation and thyroid support

While the text on the front of Phentaslim reads:

  • ! Breakdown of carbohydrates and fatty acids
  • ! Increase alertness, concentration, and endurance
  • ! Advanced diet blend and metabolic energy formula

Both are labelled as food supplements, and both bottles are marked with the warning (within the “Directions” paragraph):

Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

These are not intended for meal replacement, but, as the name suggests, supplement.

Both bottles are also sealed with the “Sealed For Your Protection” barrier, but neither have that little ball of cotton wool that Superfruit Slim had in it – I’m not sure what the point of the little ball of cotton wool is, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference to the capsules, to the best of my experience.

Ingredients List And Claims

Nutritional Information from (top) Phentaslim and (bottom) Phentatrim.

As with all of the previous products I’ve used from Optimum Nutra (and I should hope every nutritional supplement currently on the market!) there is a detailed ingredients list, including the NRV (Nutritional Reference Value) % if available, which means you know how much of any given ingredient you should have in your daily life – which is great if you’re trying to get more of a certain vitamin, then you’ll know how much you need.  Everything is labelled clearly,  including what weight of a product is present in each serving.

Effects And Measurements

While I know that I usually include a weigh-in before and after doing product tests like this, I have really been trying to avoid weigh-ins this summer, as I know I gained a ton of weight after finishing college in June.  Not the healthiest mentality to have, but I really didn’t want to obsess over my weight, and have, instead, been trying to eat healthier, and not snack as much.  But I’ll talk about that in another post.

Measurements: Before

Right upper arm: 19.5″
Bust: 64″
Under bust: 54″
Waist: 59″
Hips: 75″
Upper Right Thigh: 37″
Upper Right Calf: 20″
Upper Left Calf (mutant/left leg): 22.5″

Measurements: After

Right upper arm: 19″
Bust: 63″
Under bust: 52″
Waist: 57″
Hips: 74″
Upper Right Thigh: 36″
Upper Right Calf: 20″
Upper Left Calf (mutant/left leg): 22″

It may not seem that there’s a huge difference, but considering that it’s a month’s supply in a bottle, it means that I reduced my measurements by an overall 8″ in a month – which I think is pretty great, considering I didn’t actually go on a diet, and all I did was incorporate a little bit of dancing in my room for exercise – I’d say, “I also lifted some weights” but the weights I have at home are 2.5lbs each and I don’t think that’d make much of a difference.

As for physical and mental effects, I noticed that, in the month I was taking Phentaslim and Phentatrim, I felt more awake and had better concentration.  My cravings were also drastically reduced, as I expected they would be.  Chromium nutritional supplements really do do wonders for balancing your blood sugars, so you don’t get the sugar spike/crash that can be terrible for causing carb cravings.  I also didn’t need to nap, even once, on the days that I woke early…

And that’s another thing.  I woke early a few days of the month, and was able to stay awake until it was actually bed time, instead of my normal days where I can sometimes sleep until 10am, 11am, or 12 noon, and either go to bed around midnight, or stay up really late.  During my month of taking Phentaslim and Phentatrim, I didn’t need to nap once, and I think that’s pretty great.  I was also, as I said, able to concentrate better on what I was doing, as I wasn’t as tired as I usually am.  My coffee intake was reduced from 2 or 3 cups a day to one cup a day, and that wasn’t even to keep me awake – that was because I enjoy coffee!

Overall And Value For Money

Overall, I would definitely recommend buying Phentatrim – along with Phentaslim – as there seem to be a raft of benefits to taking them.  Reduced sugar/carb cravings, increased energy and alertness, and the added benefit of actually being able to lose weight thanks to the above.  Considering the fact that I didn’t really change my diet while using these for the month, I’d love to see how they performed and help me to perform if I actually took them while doing something like Atkins or South Beach, or any other manner of healthy eating or weight loss – I imagine that the outcome would be even better than taking 8″ off of my measurements in a month.

As for value for money, I absolutely believe that if you take these as prescribed, and make the required changes, the benefits of Phentatrim and Phentaslim would far outweigh the cost – especially as there are deals available, such as Buy 3 Get 1 Free on both Phentaslim and Phentatrim.  I know that plenty of people probably spend that amount of money on coffee every three months – why not put that money to good use instead?!


Phentatrim and Phentaslim are available exclusively through Optimum Nutra’s website, with free worldwide shipping on every order, easy payment methods, and, best of all?

Optimum Nutra will NEVER auto-ship an order to you – no surprise credit/debit card charges for your next order.  No “free” trial, no scams.  The company is wonderfully honest, and there is also a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee, detailed on the website.

Vegan/Vegetarian Safe?

Unfortunately, Phentatrim and Phentaslim are NOT suitable for vegetarians or vegans, as the capsules contain a small amount of gelatin.  It is, however, entirely possible to break the capsules apart and take the ingredients with a glass of water, or with food, if you’d prefer to do that.


In the interests of full disclosure: I have received no monetary compensation for this, or any future review for Phentaslim, Phentatrim, Superfruit Slim, or any other product from Optimum Nutra.  Any and all opinions are my own, and do not reflect the beliefs or opinions of Optimum Nutra. I received a One Month package of Phentaslim (90 capsules) and One Month package of Phentatrim (180 capsules). However, if you use the links provided above and should purchase anything from the Optimum Nutra website, I will receive a small affiliate’s payment. Affiliate Links were correct as of October 4, 2018.


If you would like me to review your product, please contact me fatso@fatgirlslim.org, although requesting a review does not guarantee acceptance, and I will NEVER guarantee a positive review before I have fully tested out the product for myself.