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Phase One, Day Two, The Redux

Day two:

Still no cravings, other than for fruit. I want fruit so badly right now it’s actually tangible. We have a tray of dates in the fridge and bananas in the living room and just.

I was offered a tangerine in work and I had to turn it down!


I never want fruit, apparently, unless I’m not allowed it.

I made something rather interesting for dinner tonight – it was almost like an enchilada filling, sans tortilla wrap. Chicken and mushrooms and red chilli and garlic and onions and chilli powder and cumin and coriander all done in passata tomatos. Like I said, it tasted like the way enchiladas taste when I made them before, but it was… stew-like. Basically, I made it far too wet. 🙂 But it was still nummy.

Lunch was a salad plate again; salad and chicken with onions and dressing. It kept me going just long enough; I worked from 2-8.15pm without a break for food, because today is our Busy Day, and I totally forgot to buy a pack of nuts for snack time.

I survived, which is the important thing.

I made myself a small bowl of low-fat yogurt with cocoa powder after dinner, because I was still hungry (left it a half an hour after I’d finished my meal; I was still hungry) and I really must remember to buy some Splenda… which I might well have in the bloody cupboard unless I finished it, which is also highly possible.

Anyway, the yogurt was still bitter and the cocoa powder tasted like… cocoa powder! In low-fat yogurt. Quelle surprise! Haha. That’ll learn me.

So yes, I have to buy sweetener. I went to Tesco tonight, and I just plain forgot. I remembered veggies. I remembered to buy an avocado for Good Fat Intake. I remembered chicken breasts.

I forgot sweetener. Because I R genius.


Here’s to day three.