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Phase One, Day Three, The Redux

Being at home is harder than being at work, especially when there’s little to no food in the house. I’m rather amused at that idea; the place is almost always well-stocked, but noooo. I either don’t want or can’t have most of the stuff we have in the house.

I have a lovely piece of salmon for tomorrow’s lunch, which I’ll have with low-fat cream cheese.

As for today, I made myself a divine mushroom-onion-lean bacon omelette for breakfast, had a half a Subway chicken salad for my lunch and left the other half for my dinner. Dinner was Mum’s homemade meatballs with home-made spaghetti sauce and the rest of my salad.

Had some almonds as a snack earlier, and I made some of Kalyn’s Moroccan Spiced Chickpeas for my snack tonight; I probably won’t eat them all (I HOPE NOT AT LEAST) so I’ll leave some in the wee resealable bag I’ve got sitting waiting.

But MAN, have I ever been getting terrible cravings. I wanted a sandwich today. It’s the first time since Monday that I’ve had cravings for something other than fruit, but I really wanted bread today. Not a single slip-up, which is a good thing.

But hopefully, that’s the last of the cravings. I even went shopping today and didn’t slip or anything. SO I AM OKAY.

Thank God.

But I’m doing well here! Fingers crossed that I continue to do so. 🙂