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Phase One, Day Six, The Redux

Yesterday was… interesting. Y’know, to say the least, it was… interesting.

I’ve actually been hungrier today than I was yesterday, which is rather amazing, considering the fact that I didn’t eat a single thing between midnight and midnight yesterday. Today, I eat stuff, I immediately get hungry an hour afterwards?

(I still woke up at 11am this morning, despite going to bed atrociously late, due to a 5-hour[!] nap I took yesterday afternoon, thus semi-proving my theory that the food I eat directly correlates with my ability to sleep more than 10 hours in a row.)

But it’s all good, really. I’m straight back on South Beach after my day of Fasting, and I raised €85, so that’s a plus! Go me and all that jazz.

What I really have to focus on is – and I know sweetener is fine and all – taking less “sugar” in my coffee. I’ve noticed, recently, that I have a bad tendency to make my coffee with two teaspoons of granulated(?) coffee instead of my usual one teaspoon, especially when I’m at work, because I feel like I need the caffeine. So, in order to counteract the bitterness of the coffee, I have been putting in more sugar. I mean, if I was to drink two cups of coffee, I’d put in two spoons of sweetener in each, so that’d be 4 teaspoons’ worth.

But when I’m making these cups of two-spoon coffee, I’ll put in 3 teaspoons of sweetener. And sometimes, I’ll go back and have a second cup of coffee not long after.

It’s not a good habit. I need to go back to my one-spoon-coffee, two-spoons-sweetener again. It’d be easier if we used smaller mugs, but a lot of our mugs at home are sitting-with-your-hands-wrapped-around-hot-chocolate-with-mini-marshmallows mugs, really big ones that hold a great amount.


I just hate that Splenda has a bad habit of tasting very… acrid. When there’s too much of it, y’know?


I have an idea, which may or may not come to fruition, but I’m going to test it out, anyway, in the vain hopes that it works. If it doesn’t work, it is going to be messy and sticky and gooey.

But it’s going to be 100% South Beach Phase One friendly, I can tell you that much.

Now, for my food today! I woke up, as I said, at 11am, but I didn’t eat until noon, so that was lunch. I didn’t double up, didn’t do nothin’, because I made myself an omelette at midnight last night, which I’m choosing to count as my breakfast. So I made another omelette for lunch, because man, I really like those omelettes.

(Just: 2 eggs, 2 small closed-cup mushrooms, 2 small shallots, 2 slices bacon, small portion of grated cheese, garlic salt to taste.

Chop mushrooms and shallots into small pieces, cut bacon in half and then into small strips. Break eggs into a bowl or mixing jug, add a little garlic salt to taste, mix in mushrooms, shallots and bacon.

Heat a non-stick frying pan on high heat for about a minute, spritz with 1-calorie oil – I really like the olive oil variant – and tip the mixture into the frying pan, making sure to coat the whole flat surface. Just swirl it around a bit.

After about a minute and a half, or whenever you think the bottom side is done, sprinkle the cheese over the uncooked egg mixture, and then fold the omelette in half, moving the whole thing to the middle of the pan. Continue to cook on high heat for 30 seconds, and flip it over onto its other side.

Note: at this point, if it’s too large an omelette, the inside should be cooked well enough to cut it in half with your turner and flip each half over individually, but I really do prefer to keep it in one piece.

Then, 30-45 minutes later, or once you can see that the omelette is firm and well-cooked, transfer to your plate and enjoy! It is seriously one of my favourite breakfast/lunch foods, done just like that. It leaves the bacon soft, and leaves the onions mostly raw. It’s gorgeous.

Of course, if you prefer, you can cook the bacon and onions beforehand. It’s all up to you.)

And for dinner today, I made myself chicken breast with Hot and Spicy BBQ seasoning, which is a Schwartz Grill and Sizzle Special Blend, prawn cocktail made with mayonnaise, tomato purée and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, and an avocado, spring onion and tomato salad with a dash of Tabasco sauce.

I. Am. STUFFED. I finished eating at 6pm, and it’s just past 7pm now, and I am still stuffed. I probably ate too much, actually, but I’m not overly full. Just… very full.


Oh, me.

But yes. I can’t believe I’m almost halfway through Phase One. I’d be tempted to do it for longer, if I was allowed cous cous, but alas. We’ll just have to wait until a week on Monday to see how the weight loss has come along.

I’m quietly optimistic about the whole thing.

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