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Phase One, Day Seven, The Redux

I’m not feeling great today, for some odd reason. I’m very tired, in my head. My body seems fine, but I feel as though I didn’t get a great sleep or something, when I know I slept for plenty of time; 12.30am last night until 11am this morning. More than enough sleep.

I’ve also had a bad day with what I sort of identified as cravings today, but I think it’s more to do with the feeling that I’m heading into a bad downswing again. But I’m persevering. The worst thing I think I’ll do is have a cup of coffee later.

I might take the time to make the South Beach Supercharged custard pots if I can bothered to get up off the computer. They won’t be ready until tomorrow, though…

Hmm. Will probably leave them until Tuesday night, then, so they’re ready for Wednesday.

We’ll see.

I just hope I get through this coming week well enough.