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In Which Tracy Joins Slimming World

14th April 2017

Last week, Mum and I finally managed to make it to join Slimming World. We’ve been talking about it for a while, now, but college timetables were evil. We finally got to join last week, the first week of my Easter Break.

Thing is, I weighed myself at the New Year, so I know what weight I was at the start of the year. And when I got weighed last week, I’d managed to gain about 20lbs since the start of the year, if not more (my memory of what my weight was in pounds is a little foggy, if I’m honest) and I’d gotten to the point where my back pain was getting really bad again, so I knew I’d gained SOMETHING. Just didn’t realise quite how much it was until I stepped on the scales.

-7.5lbs since April 6, 2017

I got my 1/2 stone award (Slimming World version of a Silver 7™ from Weight Watchers) – and I got a certificate, and you’re supposed to get a sticker, too, but I was incorrectly given a 1.5st loss award, instead of 7lb loss, so I’ll need to swap that out next week at weigh-in.

The good news is that I’ve not been at all hungry this week. Not something I’ve ever really claimed before, but the only time I felt any hunger was one of the days when I didn’t eat breakfast, and meant to eat toast between dinner and bed time, and forgot. And even then, it was just a little hunger, not like, belly-gurgling, feeling-the-need-to-binge hunger.

So I’m okay with that.

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In Which I’m Exercising Again

21st March 2017

I can’t believe this is my first blog post of 2017; it’s not that I’ve been slacking – although there is that – but more that I haven’t really had the time, or, let’s be honest, the inclination to blog lately.

Back At It Again With The Exercise

But I’ve started going to the gym again. I started with swimming twice a week back in February, and now that I’m in the third and final unit of this year at college, my days are Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, so I can attend Aqua Fit on a Monday and swim for a while after that, and on Friday, there’s an “Intro To Spin” class, which is only half an hour long instead of the usual 45 minutes. Until I get my fitness levels up again, the 30 minute class will do me just fine. I’m just glad to be back at Spinning.

It was weird, because the last time I went to Spinning, it was just after the Water Palace had gotten new Spin bikes, and they were so uncomfortable because the seat’s nuts and bolts hadn’t been tightened enough, and I ended up falling off the seat every time I sat down, because it sat at a decidedly unjaunty angle, where it’s supposed to be flat.

This time? No such problems. Seat was fine, bike was fine, class was excellent. It was definitely nice to be at Spinning again, even if I wasn’t able to do as much as I used to be able to, at least I didn’t spend the entire time sitting down because I was so unfit. On the contrary, I spent more time standing up because my butt hurt sitting down, even with my gel seat cover on the bike.

The good news is that I’m exercising again. I just need to get my eating sorted, and I’ll be fine. But this is a good start. I’m back at the gym, I’m walking about 8,000 steps on the days I’m in college, and I just need to get my head in the game.

It’s not great right now, but it could be worse. I can live with that.


[Press Release] Rosemary Conley Slimmers of the Year 2017

26th December 2016

[Disclaimer]: This is an unpaid press release/advertisement for http://www.rosemaryconley.com; I received it, unsolicited, via my email, and am posting it to celebrate the weight loss successes of people I don’t know. I’ve never used the Rosemary Conley plan (although Mum and I own a few DVDs!) for weight loss purposes, so I am in no way endorsing the Rosemary Conley online weight loss plan. If you would like to check it out, feel free to do so. I have no affiliate links in the body of this post, so receive no fee for you doing just that. 🙂

Rosemary Conley Slimmers of the Year 2017

Rosemary Conley

Rosemary Conley Online is delighted to introduce the four women who have been awarded its Slimmers of the Year. The four categories are Overseas Slimmer, Young Slimmer, Lifestyle Slimmer and Life-changing Slimmer, and recognize the effectiveness of combined healthy eating with activity.The four women, aged between 29 and 61, have lost almost 18 stone between them and have transformed their lifestyles and their lives using the innovative online programme based on the principles of healthy low fat eating plans combined with a variety of exercise.

The four award winners each receive a £500 M&S voucher to spend on their new super-slim size 8 figures.

Lifestyle Slimmer Of The Year


Janet Sandberg: before

Lifestyle Slimmer of the Year Janet Sandberg (47) from Surrey has reduced her BMI from 35.15 to 24.25 having lost 5 ½ stone after she lost her dad due to him being diabetic. She says: “Because of losing my dad I decided to change my lifestyle completely. I joined Rosemary Conley Online and made a promise to myself to be patient, not expect miracles to happen overnight. I’m pleased to say I’ve lost weight, I feel amazing, and I am happy now with my new body and myself”.

Overseas Slimmer Of The Year

Rosemary Conley slimmers of the year: Carol Riddick - before

Overseas Slimmer of the Year Carol Riddick (61) who lives in Cyprus, has lost 6 stone and now has a BMI 22. She says: “I joined Rosemary Conley Online, and looked at it as my last chance having seen photographs of myself at my 60th birthday celebrations. I was shocked! Joining Rosemary’s Online Club was perfect for me – to have Rosemary’s support, even though I live thousands of miles away, really worked. I can honestly say I’ll never go back to my old lifestyle. As Rosemary says: “Nothing tastes as good as being slim” – I will always be grateful to Rosemary Conley and her coaches”.

Life-Changing Slimmer Of The Year

Rosemary Conley slimmers of the year: Angie Wolf - before

When Angie Wolfe’s GP wanted to put her on Statins at age 47 due to her weight and her family history of heart disease and stroke, she knew she had to take action. Now Life-changing Slimmer of the Year Angie Wolfe (48) from Leicestershire has reduced her BMI from 28 to 20.5. She says: “I never envisaged that I would be able to use an online site, let alone that it would work for me. But I can, and it does! I weigh less now than I ever have in my adult life. I no longer feel like I am dragging myself around and have loads more energy”.

Online Young Slimmer Of The Year

Rosemary Conley slimmers of the year: Gemma Cross - before

Mum-of-one Gemma Cross from Gloucestershire unusually gained weight after she had her baby and it was the photographs at her son’s Christening that triggered her into slimming down. Rosemary Conley Online Young Slimmer of the Year Gemma, 29, has lost four stone on Rosemary’s new 3-2-1 Diet and reduced her BMI from 29.5 to 22.6. She says: “I was so excited when Rosemary told me I was her Online Young Slimmer of the Year. This is a new way of life for me. I am a new, better improved me, approaching my 30s in the best shape I’ve ever been. It’s just amazing”.


Rosemary Conley slimmers of the year

Rosemary Conley CBE, says: “Our four Slimmers of the Year are all absolutely inspirational and totally embrace everything we aim to achieve through Rosemary Conley Online: A trim, toned and healthy body and a total change of their lifestyle, one they can continue for the rest of their lives. It is for this reason that they have been given this Award. I’m really proud of all that they have achieved”.

Find Out More

Find out more about the Rosemary Conley programme at: http://www.rosemaryconley.com

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In Which I’ve Got The Dreaded Lurgy

27th November 2016

I can’t believe it’s the end of November already. Dad went up the loft today to bring down… dun dun dun… THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. We probably won’t put them up until NEXT weekend or so, or whenever Mum gets her strength back, but since we already have gifts to wrap, we needed the wrapping paper down anyway, so. He had to go up to get that down; there was no point in him not bringing down the tree etcetera.

Re: Mum getting her strength back? Yeah. Oops, my bad. I’ve had a cold/flu/viral infection thing since last weekend-ish, and I’ve managed to pass it onto her. It hit me pretty hard on Tuesday night, just as I was out in Glasgow with friends for the IGN/Odeon Premiere event for Final Fantasy XV: went out, feeling a wee bit sore throat-y and had a bit of a headache. In Nando’s for food and suddenly went downhill. Like, one of my ears blocked up and I got a migraine. The Dreaded Lurgy.

Image from public domain

I’ve still got it. Now, both my ears are blocked. And I got an infected tear duct. And my throat’s not sore anymore, and my nose is rarely blocked, but I got lucky, in that this week is Remediation Week at college, and I’ve no remediation to do, so I didn’t actually have to go in at all. I’ve been able to stay at home, mostly – I went out on Tuesday night and crashed on my friend’s couch overnight (YES I MADE A FRIEND! WONDERS WILL NEVER CEASE!) and then flopped home feeling terrible the next day. Went out last night with my sister to see Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them at the cinema – kind of wonderful until [spoiler actor and spoiler character] shows up. Newt Scamander is all of us, I swear.

College: The Seconding

Tomorrow is the first day of Unit 2 in college, which means that I’ve successfully managed to survive an entire unit without slitting my wrists, jumping out of the 8th floor, stepping into traffic, eating myself into my grave, or drinking myself to death. I’m going to count that as a win, and just ignore the fact that I feel like death warmed up anyway. I’ll need to dose myself with painkillers and paracetamol in the morning, stop in at Boots on the way through the station to buy a cough bottle so I don’t spray my germs over the entire class (oh god, there are going to be people in the class I’m not normally in a class with because they mixed the classes up kill me now), hope that I don’t pass out at any point, and fingers crossed that I make it through the day.

On the plus side, death would be a welcome reprieve from The Dreaded Lurgy, let me tell you. I have no idea what cold or flu or virus this is that I’ve got, but it’s horrendous. A plague on whoever gave it to me.

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This Is Not The Huge Comeback Post You Were Looking For

14th October 2016

The good news is that I actually made a post! However, this is probably not the huge comeback post you were looking for, or expecting. It is a post, though, which is a step in the right direction.

TL;DR: depression sucks. College is going well, despite my desire to occasionally jump out of the 8th floor window with either A) boredom or B) how much I hate my work or C) That Other Thing I Only Discuss With My Mother And My BFF.

But yeah.

I’ll hopefully get back into the swing of this whole blogging thing soon. It won’t be like when I went to college last time, where I just disappeared for two years, gained 6 stones, and became an alcoholic.

I’m doing okay. And that’s the best I can say right now.