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Outfit Of The Day: Christmas Edition

It’s practically tradition by now in our family that we get “dressed up” for our family Christmas dinner. Normally I buy a new dress for this event. This year, I couldn’t afford it, but – luckily – I’ve got this lovely floaty T-Shirt that Mum bought me earlier in the year that I haven’t had occasion to wear yet.

It’s just too fancy for every-day wear, but I might change my mind after today.

Outfit of The Day: Christmas Edition!

Excuse the crappy photo. I’ll change it later. For the moment, it’s taken with my webcam. That’s why I’m headless.

I’ve also never worn these city shorts before, because they’ve never fit me. I mean, I’ve been able to get them on before, but I’ve never been able to sit down in them before, and I find that I can sit quite comfortably in them now.


Anyway, I need to get my makeup all done now, so I’ll leave you with photos of the top and shoes I’m wearing:

Evans (Unknown Year)

5 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day: Christmas Edition”

    1. Hee, thank you! 🙂 The shoes are great because of their little heels. I changed into flats to go to my sister's, however, but didn't change my outfit.

      Hope your Christmas was awesome, too! <3

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