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My Back Pain and Me

I said, on Thursday on my SparkPeople Blog, that I was going to talk here about the back pain that I’ve been having lately.

Of course, in the excitement over my 4lb weight-loss, I neglected to mention it at all!

Okay, in January, I was put on Fluoxetine (trade name Prozac) for the depressive part of my bipolar. Among other, really fun (oh the sarcasm, it burns) side-effects, there is the side-effect of restlessness. I’m not the only person who suffers from restlessness as a side-effect of Prozac, but it is one of the most annoying ones for me.

I’m used to being a hermit. I have no friends who live in Hamilton other than my sister. I’m used to sitting on my computer and talking to my friends in far-off lands such as Norwich and the USA. I’m used to sitting at my computer and watching movies and TV shows, or sitting at my gaming desk (yes, I have a desk to house all my game consoles. I have plenty.) playing a video game. I sometimes draw, I sometimes attempt to write, I’m almost always listening to music.

Since about a week after taking the Prozac, I have been coming out of my room. The past three Fridays, I have been in town, shopping for clothes and food. Or talking to my bank.

I have been sitting downstairs in the living room instead of upstairs in my bed or on my computer chair, because almost as soon as I’ve started doing something online, or playing on my Xbox, I’ve wanted to be doing something – anything else.

Which leads me to my back problems.

I thought it was my weight spiralling upwards again, but it’s not. I’m losing weight, so that’s good.

What it is, is this:

I borrowed my Mum’s copy of Stephen King’s new book, Under The Dome (which I finished reading late Friday night) and I have been sitting in the living room, in our new recliner couch.

Now, the recliner couch is thoughtful. It has a lovely big lumbar support at the bottom, leading up to the back support, and I’ve been sitting for hours upon hours, reclined with the book open and propped on my stomach, and it’s only been since I’ve been doing that, that I’ve started having the back pains.

It’s like I can’t stand up straight without the entire small of my back hurting. Which is odd, because lumbar support is supposed to help that, right?


That said, the lumbar support doesn’t take into account the fact that I have a HUGE ASS. The lumbar support pushes my HUGE ASS forward, making me lean back farther than I would if I was a “normal” size so that my shoulders are against the couch.

So that’s where my back pain is coming from. By the end of the day today, it was mostly gone, until I sat back down on the couch to finish reading the book, HAHA, and then I came upstairs to do my exercise and it was gone by the time I was done.

So I’m hoping that that’s the end of it. No more epic sits on the couch to read an epic, disappointing-ending-novel.

I think, maybe, I’ll go back to being a hermit and reading my books in front of the computer, or in front of my TV screen. Save my back pain for another time.

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3 thoughts on “My Back Pain and Me”

  1. I totally feel your pain! I have a really bad back too. I "put it out" once while I was in the queue at Lidl, it was so embarrassing. I had to get helped out to my car and everything. Then I spent almost two weeks in bed with a tens machine on 🙁 Mega not fun. So please be careful!

  2. OMG. I have very fond memories of being on fluoexteine and walking round the streets on my own at 3.00AM buzzing with excess energy. And I'm like you. I tend to never go far from my computer….lol…

    1. Prozac was pretty much the worst drug I've ever been on. I seriously could not chill out on it. Not quite wandering-the-streets-at-3am bad, but. Bad.

      Hopefully nothing bad came of the wandering at 3am!

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