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Monthly Weigh-In: March 2014 and In Which Tracy Talks About Home Made Butter

+4.7lbs since Jan 15 2013

Well, all I can say I can say is, “Thank god that withdrawal is over and done with.” I honestly thought I was going to die at some points; it was absolutely horrendous. The annoying thing is that I specifically asked for a one-month prescription so that when I got my managed repeat prescription in the middle of this month, that I’d get EVERYTHING AT ONE TIME.

What did they do?

They gave me a two-month prescription. So rather than having to only go once every two months and never forgetting anything (or not noticing, “Oh, I don’t have any more boxes of this one left,” which is usually what happens) I now have one prescription in the middle of one month, and another in the middle of the next month. *SCREAMS*

But no more withdrawal.

The bad news is that I managed to gain 7lbs while I was manic and insane, apparently.

Oh well. I have a month in which to remedy that number; 2lbs a week should have that gone and then some.

I still haven’t managed to start this whole sugar detox thing yet. 😐 I didn’t even manage to do a full shop in the last fortnight – only managed it yesterday, sort of. I’m planning on making my own butter at some point in time in the next few days, so I’ll be posting about the exploits of how that goes. >:3 Mum’ll be happy, because she’ll get the buttermilk. I’ll be happy, because I’ll get the butter.

Might even try to make some cheese, eventually! (The paneer-y kind, obviously. Don’t think I’m quite up for trying to make cheddar. 😉 )

But at least I know that’s something I can do, right now, since I can’t make pâté. 🙁 I needs me a food processor so that I can make some more pâté that doesn’t have disgustingly unpronounceable ingredients in it. (My Kenwood Chef is amazing, but I can’t BLITZ with it. I’m wondering, however, if I minced the chicken livers before cooking them, then cooked the ingredients and then beat them with the beater attachment, if it’d be the same/better than blitzing them in the processor… *thinky thoughts*)

Seriously, though, have you ever looked at the ingredients in store-bought pâté? It made me want to vomit. I actually found one that only had ONE shelf-stabiliser, lasted two weeks, and all the other ingredients were actual food… and I can’t remember the name of it now, and haven’t seen it since. Just typical.

How about y’all? What typically store-bought foods do you prefer to make at home to reduce additives in your diet, and which foods would you suggest that people make at home instead of buying in-store?

Obviously we know that home made bread tastes better than pre-packed store-bought bread, but what else? 🙂

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  1. Home made pesto is de-lish-shus! I like the store bought too, and I don’t think it’s too full of nasties, but homemade with toasted pinenuts and a touch of lemon juice along with the olive oil, fresh basil and parmesan is amazing!

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