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Losing is the new black!

It was last Friday when I got weighed, so it’s not even really been a week yet. But since I was heading into the nurse today anyway, I figured I’d hop on the scale while I was in.

When I went into the office, we were talking about my meds and the fact that I’d gained weight and all, and I told her about my theory re: Christmas and New Year weight gain and subsequent loss.

So I stepped on the scale, got the nurse to read the output, and it said:

188kg (414.5lb)

If you remember last week, it was 190kg (almost 419lb). Which means weight loss this week of 4.4lbs, which is kind of awesome, really, and I’m pretty happy with that.

It’s also the first time I’ve seen the scales going down in about 6 months.

(Yes, I watched as the scales went up and up and up and beyond the point of being able to weigh myself, so even seeing the numbers going down on someone else’s scale is a plus.)

I probably won’t weigh myself again for another two weeks – the scale in Boots beside the doctor’s surgery go up to 190kg, so I can weigh there for 20p, assuming that it’s working – just to see if I can get bigger numbers. And so that I’m not obsessing, of course.

But to be honest, right now, I’m just like, “YEAH I THINK MY THEORY WAS CORRECT.”

Ahahaha. 14lbs – A WHOLE STONE – to go until I’m down at 400lb again. And this time, I swear, once I get down below 400lbs, I am NEVER going to weigh more than 400lbs ever, again.

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