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let’s start all over again

The last time I posted to say, “hey, I’m doing okay!” was in July. That’s probably kind of bad, considering that it’s almost September now. An entire month of slacking off and not doing anything, but instead, I ate what I wanted (mostly… um, bread.) and what I craved (lots and lots of sugar) and I spent too many nights at the cinema, eating popcorn and Revels sweets, drinking Diet Coke and doing nothing but eating.

Of course, my appetite’s gone out the window almost completely since I started this new medication. I’ve barely been eating full meals, hardly even half finishing the food my mum’s cooking for us, which is odd for me, because even when I was doing the Core plan, I’d still mostly finish my meals.

Instead, I’ve been getting full very easily, but I’ve also been eating chocolate at least once a day. If not chocolate, then something full of sugar.

In short: combined with the medication et all, I’m back up to 26st 4lbs, which is a disappointment. I know that at least 10lbs of that went on in the first 2 weeks(!) after I finished Phase One, mostly because I didn’t adjust to the carbs and fruits and stuff that I was allowed, and went into kind of a manic phase with the sugar.

But now I’m back at the same weight as I was before I started Phase One, and I’m so annoyed at myself.

So, as the title says, “let’s start all over again”.

I’ve got Kalyn’s Egg Muffins cooking in the oven, and tomorrow, I’m going straight back into Phase One.

Hopefully, this time, Phase Two won’t pose so much of a problem.

Wish me luck, you guys.

I think I’m going to need it.

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