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In Which Tracy Explains The Lack Of A Weigh-In

So, by now, you’ve probably noticed that there was no weigh in this week. It’s intentional.

It’s also either a really good idea or a bad idea, and I won’t know which until a month or two has passed. I’ll only be weighing in on the first of the month for a trial period of a few months, just to see how it goes.

It’s absolutely terrifying, because I’ve been weighing in weekly since I’ve been a member if Weight Watchers, and the idea of changing that is scary, because potentially won’t know for a while if I’m gaining or losing and that’s… Whooo.

But it’s one of a few changes I’m planning, and hopefully this will be one of the better ones. Fingers crossed.

Just for fun, I tried to do the post as a voice typing post last night, and this is how it turned out:


Not exactly what I meant. 🙂