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In Which I’m Dressed In Fatshion

It doesn’t happen often; I’m not a fashion or fatshion blogger, although I’d love to start incorporating it into FATGIRLslim, when I get a job again. But it was my birthday on Sunday, and Mum and Dad gave me money for some new clothes, so we headed up to Braehead Shopping Mall (I am point-blank refusing to call it “Intu/intu Braehead”, because that name both looks and sounds ridiculous, but it was apparently rebranded to that in 2013…) because there is a Yours Clothing store there!

I actually ended up only leaving the store with a pair of these pants, much to my great dispair. I could have happily left with just about every dress instore, but there wasn’t a lot by way of t-shirts that I could have bought. Mostly because I am extremely picky about tops, and for some reason, the two t-shirts that I tried on were separate front/back sections, and then the back had a seam running RIGHT DOWN THE CENTRE OF IT, TOO?!

I cannot abide t-shirts that do that. I have to wear a vest under it, so that the seam doesn’t rub across my neck/spine all day. Seams freak me out, and make me overly tactile all day. I can’t stand seams on my socks across my toes, or seams in my gloves touching my fingertips. It’s a nightmare.

And then, we decided to brave going into Evans. God knows why. The only thing I shop in Evans for right now, really, is lingerie (although, since about 2006, their bras have stopped going above a 44E for pretty styles) and shoes. Their actual clothes seem to have been based firmly in the “fat people have to wear stuff that my mother was forced to wear in the 90s when she was quite overweight” or “oh did you know that I work in an office?! NEITHER DID I BUT THIS IS APPARENTLY ALL I HAVE TO WEAR BECAUSE I’M FAT.”

But there was a saving grace on the sale rail.


FATGIRLslim | In Which I'm Dressed In Fatshion

FATGIRLslim | In Which I'm Dressed In Fatshion
Sory for the bluriness. Mum, for some reason, is notorious for taking shaky/blurry photos…

To say that I fell in love the second that I put it on over my head is an understatement. Once we figured out that it did, indeed, have two arms, and wasn’t a) sleeveless (it’s hung up with a pair of pants’ clothes hanger) or b) one-armed, we got it on and it was just… yes. Yes, good. It was meant for me, clearly.

I spent the rest of my money on a pack of Starbucks coffee and a new coffee mug.

I feel like it was all money well spent.

The question is:

Would a dress like that be suitable for a job interview, in your opinion? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Does it depend on the weather on the day? The season?

I’m thinking that if I get a job interview during the summer, the dress is smart enough to wear, with smart shoes, as interview-wear. I feel confident enough in it, and it gives me a good figure, and I’m not worried about showing anything off in it.

The photos are from today. I also got my hair cut today, can you tell?

FATGIRLslim | In Which I'm Dressed In Fatshion

3 thoughts on “In Which I’m Dressed In Fatshion”

  1. The dress looks great and is definitely suitable for an interview. I am in Australia and wouldn’t hesitate to wear it in any weather – winter is fairly mild here but I still don’t see why you couldn’t wear it in a colder climate.

    1. Whoo, thank God for that! 🙂 I don’t know that I could wear it in Aus, because hot weather + sleeves + dress = sweating and chub rub, but maybe with a pair of cycle shorts beneath I’d be good. Minimal make-up, though, otherwise you’d be able to see it sliding off of my face. 😉 But here, it’s fine. It does blow up a little when it gets windy, but it’s got tulle under it and a pretty structured underskirt/under underskirt thing going on, so it didn’t go over my butt or anything, which I really appreciated!

  2. I think it’s more than suitable for an interview. It fits you well, looks lovely on you, the colors compliment you,and it’s not overly casual or too formal. I’d wear it in pretty much any weather,and I live in Massachusetts in the USA. In the winter, I’d pair it with some thick tights to make it warmer, but in the summer or spring I think it’s fine as is with a nice pair of shoes.

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