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In Which I Talk About My Morning Routine – In Conjunction With Aloha | Healthy Happiness

Disclaimer: The lovely people at Aloha | Healthy Happiness have been stirring up the blogosphere, getting us to write a post about our morning routines, and what we do to boost our positive inspiration, mindfulness and health.  I received no compensation for this, either in the form of products or payment.  It was simply an idea that came at the right time, and I was glad to write the post.  There are no affiliate links in the copy below.

Happiness is paramount to my life right now – I’ve been dealing with clinical depression or bipolar disorder since I was a teenager, but only addressed it as an adult, so trying to recognise the signs and symptoms of that, and keeping it under control, is a huge thing for me.

My morning is extremely structured. I wake up, take care of my business in the bathroom, and this includes drinking one glass of extremely cold water. (Not that the temperature has any particular benefits [that I know of – if it is, please let me know!], but I just prefer my water ice cold!)

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I go back to my bedroom, where I do some stretches that my physiotherapist gave me, including the Cobra yoga pose, to try to help/heal the problems in my back before getting dressed into clothing, unless I’m feeling exceptionally down that day, when I’ll slob myself into pyjamas!  I feel like always dressing straight into clothes means that I’m ready, straight away, for whatever I have to face during the day, and I can’t put anything off because of having to change my clothes.

My breakfast is either a smoothie – I’m on a green smoothie kick at the moment, but something like the Pistachio Cherry Superfood smoothie would suit me to the ground – or a bowl of granola and Greek yoghurt. While the granola isn’t the healthiest option, it’s the healthiest of the granolas available (it uses palm sugar, and coconut oil instead of cane sugar and vegetable oils)! And it keeps me full until lunchtime, which cuts out any snacking and extra calories I’d accrue otherwise.  Aloha also has a lot of easy recipes that keep you full of energy throughout the day.

Then I take an hour out of the morning to sit and read. Last year, I realised that I was complaining that I had no time to read – while wasting my day doing precisely nothing! So now I take an hour to read whichever book’s on my list at the time (I read The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, last year into this year, and now I’m re-re-re-re-re-re-re-reading The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice), before I get started on some actual work, whether it be a blog post, some Etsy work, getting my laundry put in, or even just watching a movie while knitting or crocheting… and remembering to get up every hour, to have a little walk around so that my body doesn’t wither away and die on me!

I’ve found that my morning routine has led to me getting more done, whereas before, I was complaining that I never had any time to do anything. I’d be sitting on my computer, putzing around on the internet looking at anything and nothing while eating my breakfast. Now I eat my breakfast mindfully before I start reading my book; I read my book and I enjoy every word. I get a little bit of work done, and then I have my afternoon free to either continue working, or to play a video game, to try to write, or to do whatever I’d like.

Without my structured morning, I’d be back to my mess of trying to get everything done in the four hours between lunchtime (2pm) and dinner time (6pm). Somehow, I feel as though I get more done, despite actually doing less, and it’s a wonderful feeling. 🙂

What about you?  What do you do in the mornings – or even during the day! – to make sure your health is looked after?  Do you have a set routine in the afternoons or evenings?  Before you go to bed?  Tell me about it!  I’d love to hear how you look after yourselves.  🙂

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