2 thoughts on “In Which I Need To Find My Motivation”

  1. Forgive me but… you keep on saying how you’re “not enjoying the gym” and it’s really annoying you. You then say that when you are there, you enjoy physically working out.

    Sounds like you are the same as most of us with a regular exercise routine, particularly in the gym, in that it’s hard to get out of the door and go. It’s laziness and nothing more. You have the motivation, that’s clear.

    I dread going out sometimes for a run but once I’m out of the door I’m over it. I have never once finished a run and regretted doing it. I’ve always regretted it when I’ve promised myself I’ll go, and then find an excuse not to. It’s never been a good enough excuse.

    1. Hi, Sara! At the moment I’m not really enjoying the working out part of it – I’m enjoying the part where my brain switches off and I’m only really paying attention to the music.

      What I’m meaning, more than anything, is that I want to get back to the way I was in… 2013? I was looking forward to going to my classes, and looking forward to going to the gym. Not just to the actual workout, but to actually leaving the house, too. I don’t even feel that great once I’ve been to the gym right now – I don’t, obviously, regret it, because hey, let’s face it. There’s not a workout you ever really regret, right? – but it’s not the sense of, “I’ve done something awesome for myself. I’m taking a step in the right direction!” either.

      And that’s the kind of motivation I need to find for myself again: enjoying going to the gym/swimming/classes. Enjoying my workouts, and enjoying leaving the house again. It’s as depressing sitting in the house as it is leaving the house, to be honest, so once I’m out of the house, it’s a six-and-half-a-dozen situation. But if I get to the point where I’m actually enjoying the workout, I’ll actually look forward to going to the gym, and hopefully do it of my own accord, instead of it feeling like a chore.

      (It didn’t feel like a chore when I was attending four/five classes a week, which is insane. Getting three trips a week out of me right now is like pulling teeth. But I’m gonna do it, because I need that, at a minimum.)

      Sorry, I feel like I’ve just word vomited all over you. I hope you understand what I mean!

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