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In Which Fatso’s Sister Returns!

Today, a few things happened.

Today, I went to see my doctor, and I am now officially not taking Xenical any more. He is also pleased that I have joined the gym and is further pleased that I am following/rejoining (delete as applicable; ask me again on Monday) Weight Watchers, and has prescribed me Naproxen to help with the pain in my hip.

(I bought some Aleve when I was in Florida last summer, but AUGH such pain, and it helps with cramps, too, so they are now ALL GONE.)

Today, my little sister (lol, my “little” sister is almost years younger than me, meaning she turned 24 this year) returned from a year away in Canada. I haven’t seen her in a whole year, and she said to me, “I gained something like 20lbs in two months because I was doing nothing but drinking 4 cans of Dr Pepper a day!” and then, an hour or so later, said, “I might join the gym! But Mum says they push you really hard!”

So my little sister may be joining the gym with me! Which is awesome, although I will hate to be one of those people who ignores her sister in favour of her iPod while on the treadmill.

But she may do that, too. Walking + talking + asthma = not good. Must remember to take my inhaler INTO the gym with me, instead of just taking it BEFORE I head in.

We didn’t get to go swimming today because of aforementioned return-of-sisterly-one. Her flight got overbooked in Montréal and so she got rerouted via Paris, and when she got to Paris, found out that she’d missed her connecting flight to Edinburgh, so instead of getting home at 12.30pm, she got home at around 4.30pm instead.

Which also means that Mum and Dad dropped into the chippy on the way home – Lorna loves deep-fried pizza (no, you didn’t misread that: it’s a Scottish thing, like deep-fried Mars Bars, and more than likely part of the reason that the West of Scotland is the Heart Attack Capital of Europe) – and I got a deep-fried pizza, too, mmmmmmmm oh god so much fat and because of showing Lorna around the house and getting her bed set up and the fact that my parents have been driving for hours today, we did not go swimming today.

What I’m hoping this means is that we can go swimming tomorrow night, and possibly Lorna will come with us.

(My big sister, HI LINDA, doesn’t even own a swimming costume because she doesn’t like swimming, and thus does not come with us. Oh well.)

It’s nice, having my sister home. I’ve missed her.

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    1. I think my sister would bug me, too, if we were going together! But I just can't talk while I'm working out – not enough breath!

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