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In Which Fatso’s Seriously Not Hungry

Y’know how I posted that entry a couple of weeks ago about the fact that I wasn’t really hungry?

Can I just take a moment to upgrade that to, worryingly, “I’m having to remind myself to eat”?

Before, when I wasn’t hungry, I was meaning, I wasn’t hungry between my meals. Now, I’m not even getting hungry for my meals. If I was still living at home with my Mum or Dad cooking my meals, or me having to cook for my Mum and Dad, then I’d be fine, because I’d have more than just me to worry about.

But the past couple of days, I’ve just been going for my walk and then coming home and reading my Kobo or sitting around playing my video game, and not realising what time it is, because I’m not even hungry, and it’s, like, 23:45 or something, and the last time I had anything to eat was twelve hours ago.

This isn’t a good thing. I’m well aware that eating too little is as bad for your health and weight loss as eating too much. I need to eat to fuel my body, because, duh, I have a BMR. And because I’m a rather large lady, I have a rather large BMR.

Just being awake during the day means I need to eat more than a normal person just to fuel my basic bodily functions. Stupid science.

But anyway, yes.

I like the fact that I’m not inclined to snack between my meals anymore, although I can eat the fruit that stocks my cupboards at the start of the shopping week if I’m so inclined.

Not eating at meal times? I’m not so much a fan. I’m literally having to set alarms for dinner time so that I remember to get up and make something to eat, otherwise I just won’t be hungry enough to notice that it’s dinner time.

I’m not sure what’s causing it. My therapist wanted me to come off of my Venlafaxine (Effexor) as well as coming off of the Mirtazapine – oy. I only just STARTED the Venlafaxine. I’m going to assume that it’s a withdrawal symptom. But I need an appointment with Dr. David anyway, so I’ll double check it with him when I’m in, anyway.

And in the meantime, go and get something to eat, as it’s 7pm, and I haven’t had anything to eat since about 11am.

Where’s a brick wall when you need one? I need to bash my head for a while.

1 thought on “In Which Fatso’s Seriously Not Hungry”

  1. Hi Tracy!
    You are not alone! After years of being overweight because I overate, for at least the last 8 years I've largely had to remind myself to eat at regular intervals, or go so long without eating that when my body says it's hungry just about anything (read: junk) will do! (This has translated into my being within 10lbs of my heaviest weight ever even after dropping 100lbs a few years ago). I know my lack of appetite stemmed from medication side effects (ADD meds). I'm really glad to hear you caught this pattern early and are educated about the way the body works, I was too early in my proper dietary explorations to realize that one meal and a snack a day was probably worse for me overall than a near constant stream of food. It takes a good solid week of eating properly to get my metabolism to wake up and realize it's not in starvation mode anymore.
    For me, I know the answer is that food always has to be in focus, it can't be on the back burner, or the last thing I think about planning for the day, thankfully I enjoy cooking, I just have to make sure to cook the right things.
    Setting timers to eat sounds crazy, but it absolutely works.
    Good Luck!

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