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In Which Fatso’s Not Really Hungry

It’s snowing here right now. When I woke up yesterday, it was a winter wonderland. And then it rained, and that put paid to that. It snowed a little over the course of the day, but it never landed.

I was working on more stuff for my graphic design portfolio for an interview I’m going to on Friday, so for most of last night, my attention was on singing along to my entire catalogue of Wet Wet Wet mp3s and debasing classic Sandro Botticelli artwork (I’m not even kidding); I didn’t even notice an inch or two or snow falling. I thought, “That’ll be gone by morning.”


It’s still white outside, and has been flurrying on and off all afternoon. I’m bloody FREEZING.

This is generally the kind of weather where I do what I call “hiberneat”. You know how animals eat in preparation for hibernation? If it’s really really cold and I don’t wanna leave the house, I’ll just sit in, and I’ll watch movies, or read books, or knit or crochet or whatever – getting up whenever the pain in my pelvis/hip/spine/whatever demands a walk around to relieve it – and eat.

I’m wondering if it’s a side-effect of not being on Mirtazapine for a wee while now, but my appetite has seriously gone waaaaaay down. I went into the Co-Op yesterday to put money on my gas and electricity meters (thanks, Mum. ♥) and normally, I’d walk out with a pastry and two packs of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and something else and maybe lunch, too (sandwich, flapjack and a 500ml bottle of soda).

I walked out with a 3-pack of Chunky Kit-Kats and two Fudge bars. £1.40. And I didn’t even eat them yesterday, because I left them in my bag and forgot all about them.

A month ago, I wouldn’t have forgotten about them. I wouldn’t have been able to forget about them. Not only would I have eaten them as soon as I came in the door, but I’d have been pining for something later on that night, too.

I’m hoping this is a sign of good things to come. It would really help, if I’m not being battered by cravings the whole time, and it would certainly back up what my therapist said re: mirtazapine and appetite/weight gain.

How do y’all deal with cravings? Do you give in, or do you ignore them?


Important Announcement

The starting date for my DietBet competition has changed to Friday, 15 March!

That’s a few more days for y’all to go and sign up to lose weight and feel great with me, so what’re you weighting for? (Ahahahaha, I’m so punny.)

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2 thoughts on “In Which Fatso’s Not Really Hungry”

  1. Tracy, I'm reading your myfitnesspal logs. I'm currently 15 stone and trying to lose 2 of that. I've read your blog for about a year. In that time I've been 87 kg and now after not giving a shit for months after my wedding, I'm 97. Did you ever try having someone buddy up with you n this? I can see straigh away that you're not eating enough fibre or veg to fill you up. Your breakfasts could be a lot better. With more protein. And I see you shop in Lidl…they do lots of veg, even frozen, and couldn't you get just plain chicken breast or fresh mince there? Rather than the processed stuff you are getting recently. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as nagging…I want to see you do well, you are a smart, funny lady and I know how frustrating it is to lose and gain. If you want I can buddy up with you on myfitnesspal to kick your ass (nicely). I can try to drop you a message every day. It would be an incentive for me to try harder and log every day (oops) If you think this is mean, fair enough. Tell me to fuck off. But you have read Beck. You need a coach according to her. And you asked about cravings recently…do you have your notes on your phone to help you? I find this useful, more so than a load of cards in my bag. Ok, rambling now, but if you want some nudging from someone who needs nudging too…have a good weekend.

    1. Hi, Yvonne!

      Yeah, my eating lately has been really dreadful. I have plenty of healthy stuff in the freezer, and I probably shouldn't give excuses, but eh. I'm trying to eat through the unhealthy stuff in the freezer so that all I have left is the healthy stuff, so that I don't have the crap to eat. I'm not buying the breaded chicken stuff anymore. I'd personally rather pay the £3.99 and get 1kg of frozen chicken breasts and have either plain chicken breasts or slow-cooked chicken breasts, shredded with home-made mayo and salad or pineapple or whatever, instead of:

      breaded chicken whatever, couscous and sweetcorn

      Every night.

      I just need to get through the unhealthy stuff first, but I seriously can't afford to just throw it out, which is the sad part. :/

      I do, however, need to start Beck Diet Solution again. My brain's just gotten back into bad habits, and even although I'm nowhere near as bad as I've been, I'm a lot worse than I'd like to be.

      But yes! Feel free to friend me on MFP. 🙂 You obviously have my URL, so. Yes. I'll add you back as soon as I see the request in my inbox.

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