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In Which Fatso’s Gonna Need A Bigger Saddle

28th June 2013

As you read the subject line, please do so in the following voice:

Ever since I brought my bike home, I’ve actually only taken it out once, when I realised that:

  • A) It had been eleven years since I was last on a bike;
  • B) I was 35lbs lighter the last time I was on a bike, and the bike was a bigger bike, meant for Sam, who was 6′ 3″, the freak of nature he was. He was SIXTEEN;
  • C) If I didn’t want to get mauled again, I’d need to lose a fair wee bit of weight before I tried to ride it again, so that I could get both feet on the pedals before trying to take off.
  • (Seriously, I can’t believe I never wrote a blog post about this.)

    It actually took about two months before those cuts healed properly and stopped being a ridiculous bright pink. In the meantime, I just kept on telling people I lost a fight with a tiger.

    But yes! So my bike sat out on the landing since April, and then it got moved into the airing green where we hang our clothes to dry, because my next door neighbour’s daughter (or daughter-in-law, I’m not sure which) couldn’t get her pram past it without BREAKING BITS OFF OF MY BIKE. 😐

    And then I bought a Turbo Trainer 2 or 3 weeks ago, inspired by this tweet a while back:

    2013-06-28 22.41.53

    At the moment, it’s fine in my living room, but I’m thinking about ways to rearrange my bedroom, since it’s got a thicker carpet in it. But until such times as I get downstairs neighbours, it’s not something I need to worry about.

    Or until people come to visit for a cuppa and I need to use that couch.

    The only problem is, of course:


    I’m so used to a Spin Bike, that being on a REAL BIKE feels alien and bizarre to me. My feet are used to being in cages, and having pedals on the balls of my feet, not having a pedal on the middle of my feet (which is where they have to be right now; this might change one my stomach’s a bit smaller!) and I’m used to having a COMFORTABLE SADDLE.

    Or, well. As comfortable a saddle as one can get on a Spin Bike.

    It means I can only do 10 or 15 minutes at a time before my sit bones (is that what they’re called?) go, “AHAHAHHA no get your fat ass off the bike, lady!” even although my legs are still totally fine and I’m only JUST starting to work up a sweat.

    But if I do that once or twice a day, three times a week, that’ll be fine in addition to some other stuff.

    The good thing is, I have it now. I have the choice and the option.

    And so long as I try to do it during the day, and not, let’s say… 10.30pm? If/when I do get new neighbours, they shouldn’t complain too much about a sound like a power saw every few days for half an hour or so.

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