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In Which Fatso’s Glasses Sweat, and First Impressions of FullFast

Before I got my new glasses last October, I thought I was imagining it when I thought that the sweat from my head was dripping down the arms of my glasses and onto my face.

But since I got my new glasses, I’ve actually noticed, physically seen drops of sweat rolling down the legs of my glasses, sometimes onto my cheeks and sometimes onto the bike.

Tonight, the air conditioning didn’t seem to be working – it wasn’t moving, at any rate, which usually means it’s not working – so it was hot as hell in the class. I was sweating after the third track, which never usually happens. It usually takes until One Direction’s One Thing, a push-up track (I think) five songs into the routine, when the sweat starts running down my face.

And the sweat was dripping down both legs of my glasses. It was ridiculous. It was dripping onto my cheeks, down my neck – best feeling in the world! – and onto the bike. I remember when I started, there was a guy called Dave – I think I talked about him a couple of times – who sweated like nobody’s business. The whole area around his bike was soaked in sweat, and I remember thinking, “I can’t wait until I make a mess like that!

It’s not quite like that, but I do sweat onto the bike. I sometimes sweat onto the floor. I sweat onto my knees. It all depends on how my hair is that day, but…

I think it’s awesome.

Except for when my glasses sweat. That’s kinda weird, and gross.

I’m more than halfway through the first week of using FullFast, and so far, it seems to be working.

It’s a sublingual spray – meaning you spray it under your tongue – made mostly with herbs. When I do the review, I’ll do the whole ingredients, etc.

I’m not sure, yet, if I’m feeling full because I think I should feel full because I’ve used the spray, or if I’m feeling full because the spray’s actually working.

Either way, I seem to be feeling more full after my meals, when I use the spray, which is awesome.

(Of course, I’m Old Mother Hubbard right now, so I can’t snack on anything, which helps, but. Not being hungry helps. :))

We’ll see how the scale looks on Sunday.

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5 thoughts on “In Which Fatso’s Glasses Sweat, and First Impressions of FullFast”

  1. Organised diets do not work. I've lost 6 kilograms in 4 weeks by paying attention ONLY to what I eat, counting calories (not obsessively) and exercising twice a week. You were doing so well…why are you looking for another commercial diet? "Nothing so masks the face of god as religion". Nothing so masks the face of weight loss as organised diets. Tracy – you are an intelligent woman. You know you don't need commercial DIETS.

    And the sweating thing you "believe in" – the more you work the more you sweat? That is absolute crap. Sweating has nothing to do with how hard you cycle in a spin class.

    What's wrong with you? You are doing SO WELL! Keep on doing it!

    1. Don't worry, FullFast isn't a diet! It's a spray that's supposed to help keep you feeling full, and is to be used "in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program." It's not meal replacement or anything like that.

      I was told, once upon a time, that the fitter you are, the more efficiently you sweat. I certainly do sweat more in class now than I did when I started, but I sweat more when I do interval runs on the treadmill (run for 1 minute; walk for two minutes) for ten minutes than I do in a Spin class, or when I do a Hill program on the Arc Trainer for 15 minutes.

  2. Bloody hell – I must have needed a nap that day. What a ROOOOD post! And me with my cheap earrings and all…;p

    I think I must have been referring to another post with the organised diet thing – perhaps you mentioned Tony Ferguson again (was that his name?)

    Sorry I was so rude. 🙁

    1. Nah, you weren't rude! And yeah, I was contemplating doing Tony Ferguson again – but technically, I'd be doing Paleo, and having a Tony Ferguson shake in the morning, which is pretty much what Tony Ferguson was anyway. And since I hate breakfast, that's perfect. But Tony Ferguson is really, REALLY expensive, so. I gotta figure out something else to do for breakfast. Maybe Kalyn's egg muffins, which I keep saying I'm gonna do.

      But yeah. Tony Ferguson is actually good, if you take out the meal replacement part. It's basically Paleo, South Beach, Atkins-ish. Low Carb meals. But the meal replacement… not so good? Unless you're like me and really hate heavy stuff for breakfast.


  3. Ahhh, you're too kind! ;p I could eat anything for breakfast – chips Mars bars, you name it. I actually don't usually HAVE breakfast though…..I do kettlebells and the absolute God of kettlebelling is a guy called Steve Cotter who has a body most international gymnasts would envy and he works out like a fiend – so I was rather surprised to hear that he maintains a Paleo diet. I definitely get the fact that our digestive systems haven't evolved all that much since we were primtives and that the kind of diet we ate then might be good for us, although when you look at how food delivery has changed it must be a hard diet to keep to…

    It sounds like a plan for you, though – to have a shake for breakfast and save "proper food" for later in the day. I had a phase recently of eating poached eggs on spelt toast for breakfast, maybe with a bit of wilted spinach – TOO healthy! I hate eating Scottish bread and had no bloating on a wheat-free diet so spelt bread is great for me, albeit rather dear. I do have spelt flour though and really want to try making my own bread.

    I'm trying Pilates for the first time tonight…. argh….

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