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In Which Fatso Wants To Dance

My downstairs neighbours probably hate me. Whenever I’m doing anything that takes any amount of time, I usually put my iPod on and listen to my “CHEERY AS spinning FUCK!” playlist – a mixture of a playlist called, “CHEERY AS FUCK!” and my “spinning” playlist, which is actually a mixture of songs we’ve used in Spinfit and Zumba – and do whatever it is that needs doing.

And I usually sing along. Loudly.

I can’t help it!

When I was in High School (oh god, here I go again!) I was in the Orchestra, the String Group, the choir and the drama group when the drama group existed for those few blissful weeks before we decided we could not stage a musical play, and just replaced it with a night of songs instead.

I’ve been singing since PRIMARY SCHOOL. I was in the school choir when I was in Primary School, too.

Singing’s just something that I do. It probably annoys the hell out of my Spinfit classes, but I love it.

Dancing’s something that I wanted to do when I was younger. I’ve talked about that before.

When I got old enough to go to clubs, it took me a while to actually start going. I was 18, and I was rebelling against the norm at the time; instead of going out every weekend and getting shitfaced drunk, I was staying in and talking to my friends online, trying to be An Writer (sic).

When I went to college, however, and started talking to the people who would become my flatmates, they convinced me one weekend to put down my pens and pencils, ignore my graphic design homework for the night, and come out to the club with them. I had an entire conversation through my ground-floor window with them, before starting to get changed… while my window was still open, and I was still talking to them.

I was out almost every weekend, I think, until I met my then-girlfriend. Then I just stayed in and got drunk, but that’s another story about how I became an alcoholic.

Anyway. Going out involved going to a bar/club, getting so drunk you could hardly stand up, but being able to dance, anyway.

I loved it. That was before the days of having a bad back. When I could still wear high heels and walk in them – and dance in them!

Now, I’m enjoying Zumba, because it’s still dancing, but I’d love to go out to a club and just go WILD for a night. Money and lack of friends, however, makes it difficult.

When I was housesitting at my big sister’s house two or three months ago, I was excited, because she has an XBOX360 and the Kinect. She also has a copy of Dance Central.

There’s one song on it that I can sort of remember the dance moves to, so every time it comes on my iPod, I’m caught in the middle of what I’m doing, dancing around the room like a lunatic:

I wish I could dance properly. Wish I had a bunch of friends that I could just go out with and get down, or boogie, or whatever y’all are calling it nowadays.

I just wanna dance, sometimes.

Don’t you?