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In Which Fatso Vlogs About Her Proudest Moments of 2011

31st December 2011


It’s New Year’s Eve, or, well, it’s Hogmanay, ’cause we’re Scottish, um, and I said that I was gonna do a post about things that I’ve been, um, proud of achieving this year. Uh. Possibly things that I’ve not been proud of achieving this year.

Possibly gonna attempt to stop saying ‘um’ so much through this…?

Basically, I did a few- I did a few things through the year, not related to weight-loss, although weight loss did help in a few of them, and I just – There are some of them that I just kind of thought – *flails hands* – YAAAAAAAY! *laughs* Finally! Um. Because I wouldn’t have otherwise managed to do them. Um… obviously things like managing to list a lot of things on eBay – I managed to list a lot of things tonight for sale that I’m too small for, which is amazing, things that I’ve either never worn, like my favourite-ever pair of jeans that I posted photos of in February that I managed to fit into, um, that I’m now too small for; they keep falling down.

Um. Things like being able to fit into the denim jeans [I mean shorts] in the same post.

Um. I managed to get up into the loft – into the attic. It’s, uh, actually above my bedroom, so it’s easier for me than anybody else because, uh, um, if I can get up into it, uh- But it’s kind of… daunting? Trying to climb up a ladder, uh, and wondering if it’s going to break under the weight of you. But I’ve managed it a couple of times now, and I’ve been up in our loft, and it’s – terrifying! *laughs* But I managed it! I managed to get up into the loft; I managed to get back down out of the loft without falling or killing myself, which is the important thing.

Um. Um. I’ve still not stopped saying um, that’s- aheh, yeah.

Oh! I obviously managed to lose weight. Pretty much at the start of every year, I have the resolution, “LOSE WEIGHT.” Sometimes I have a goal in mind; sometimes I just say, “LOSE WEIGHT.” I think this year… I can’t remember if I actually put a weight – um – on the – um – actual – if I actually put a weight on it or not, or if I just said, “LOSE WEIGHT, GET HEALTHIER, GET FITTER.” Um.

So I’m trying to decide if I want to weigh in tomorrow and make my weigh-in days Sundays, um, just because the first day of the year’s gonna be a Sunday this year. *sighs* I’ll decide that tomorrow. Um. Obviously tomorrow’s New Year’s Day, so we’re gonna be having our New Year’s Dinner and everything, tomorrow, so I think it’d probably be better to weigh in before all that goes on, because if I weigh in on Monday, then that’s gonna be the day after, and I’m gonna have all of that sort of – *gestures* * in me, and it’s not – yeah – I think I’ll weigh in tomorrow and have my weigh-in day be Sunday.


Uh. So, getting up into the loft.

Fitting into clothes.

I’ve started the process of moving out of my parents’ house. Um… I’m on a list with the Council, and I’m waiting to hear back from them about a wee flat of my own which is, kind of, again, daunting.

Um, so, hopefully I’ll be moved out within the first few months of next year, into my own wee place, so you won’t be seeing this – *gestures to bed and stuff in the background of video* – in the background anymore. It might be a living room or something! *laughs* Um, it’ll be very strange!

Um, continuing going to my classes? When I started doing this last year, I remember thinking: “Oh my god, I’ve joined a gym, why did I do that? I never stick anything out like that!”

And I’ve stuck it out for nearly two years. In March, it’s gonna be two years I’ve been Spinning for. So in… I know I’ve got the date [February 15th, 2010] on the blog – I can’t remember the exact date – it’s gonna be two years that I’ve been a member of the gym for.

And that’s HUGE for me.

I’ve never been a member of a gym like that before.

I mean obviously I was in high school, in high school I was – I went to P.E. [physical eduction] classes and everything, but I’ve never been a member of a gym, other than Curves, which doesn’t count, ’cause (stage whisper) CURVES IS SHITE.

Um… two years this year I’ve been going to the gym, and that’s – it’s huge for me. I’m very – I – I’m pleased that I managed to continue that.

I – I’m proud that I started going to the Zumba classes, even although it kills my back. I’m proud that I’m continuing to go to the Zumba classes, that I’m continuing to go to my Spin classes.

Um. I’m proud that I managed to complete the Zero Excuses Fitness- Weight Loss Challenge. Six weeks! Six days a week! I must have been insane. But it kicked my butt, and I think I’m gonna, um, try to continue Paleo as much as I can, into 2012, because I think that really works for me.

It was the same when I was doing the Tony Ferguson, um, not just because it was Tony Ferguson, um, but I think because of the way I was eating, my body was then, kinda went, “NO. No white carbs.” No whatever the bad carbs are, simple, complex, whichever one it is; I can’t remember which one it is!

Heh, I’m completely useless.

I know which ones: it’s like, white bread, and white rice and white sugar and SUGAR and things you shouldn’t eat, and my body’s now like, “WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME ALL THIS SHIT?! PUT IT AWAY.” Eh.

Um, yeah.

Oh, so, yeah. Completing the Zero Excuses Weight Loss challenge was. I was so proud of myself for that. I remember starting on day one and thinking, “OH MY GOD, I’VE GOT SIX MORE WEEKS OF THIS LEFT,” and then at the end, I was like, “Oh my god, I’ve gone through six weeks of this. I can still remember day one!” And… *COUGHING FIT* Excuse me!

And now I’ve had two weeks of rest, and I’m DYING to get back in the gym again. The gym opens on the fourth of January; I’ve had one or two days where I’ve done a wee bit of a workout, but mostly I’ve been-

I’ve still got this, um, cold thing; I’m still dying from it.

So, mostly, I’ve just been trying to get over that, and it’s not really working. *laughs* Um.

But the gym reopens on January 4th, and I’ll be right back in there, because I miss it; I miss working out. It’s ridiculous.

Um… Things I’m not so proud of is things like… obviously things like the binges I’ve had and, um… I think that’s really it.

I think it’s mostly food-related things that I’m not proud of. Things like that: going to ASDA and buying stuff when I know I shouldn’t. Having really bad weeks.

*shakes head* Hn.

But at the same time, that’s… Bad days, I’ve never had… When I say it’s a bad week, it’s never a full week, it’s a day or a few hours or a lapse in judgement. Um. I mean, I can be proud of myself for not being drunk this year.

I think I’ve had alcohol on three occasions?

I think I had alcohol on New Year’s Day, and then I had – *pauses* – oh, the wee beers that Dad brought back. Dad keeps on bringing back these wee beers from work. They’re lovely. And he keeps going, “TRACY, TASTE THESE!” and I’m like, “OKAY!”

Um, but it’s only one beer. [On two separate occasions; making it five separate occasions, and five individual alcoholic beverages consumed during the year, not including Hallowe’en.]

Uh, uh, so ANYWAY.

I’ve had maybe – *pauses to count* – ten units of alcohol over the entire year? [Except I’m still forgetting about Hallowe’en, which probably doubles that amount.] Which is huge for me. I mean, if I could get through an entire without alcohol, that would be amazing, but *shakes head* I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

But, next year? 2012? If the world doesn’t end? Which I don’t think it will…

Um, anyway, the day after the Mayan calendar thing is supposed to finish, um, I’m gonna sit down, and I’m gonna watch 2012 [2009 disaster movie] the movie. Y’know, the absolutely horrendously cheesy end-of-the-world blockbuster thing? I love it. Me’n’end-of-the-world blockbusters are – things like that, I’m just all over it.

I’m gonna sit and watch that, with a huge bucket of PPPPOPCORN, and I’m gonna pig out. I don’t care how much weight I’ve lost or how bad a week or how good a week I’m having. I am going to do that next year. Because I’m gonna sit and laugh. *laughs*

Um… But I hope, by that point in time next year – it’s December next year, isn’t it, 12th December or something? – so hopefully at that point in time next year, I’ll have lost a good deal of weight anyway.


I have signed up for Go The Distance (#GoTheDist on Twitter), and… Go The Distance is a- is a year-long thing this time, it’s not a month-by-month. So I have signed up for a year. 1920 miles on either a stationary bike or a Spin bike. It includes my – It includes my Spin classes, so we’ll see how that goes. It’s an entire year. But yeah. I mean. Heh-heh. If this year’s anything to go by, I mean, next year’s gonna be… next year’s gonna be good.

Ehhh… I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get fitter and healthier and I hate to – I hate to use the word, “normal,” because I’m never gonna be, *airquotes* “normal.” *laughs* I’m always gonna be… me. And I’m not normal. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And that’s the way I like me.

Oh, also? As an explanation? I, uh, bleached my hair last night, and it, uh, only took a few shades off of it. I, uh, I’m planning on going white blonde, if, uh, dye and things allows it. Eh, uh, I’m not gonna stay ginger forever.


Um, but yeah.

I’m proud of 2011. I’m proud of what I achieved. Even if it’s not as much as I – I always, I always want more, I always more. Um, that’s why I keep on – that’s why I keep going – that’s why I keep, even before, when I kept on giving up and gaining weight, that’s why I kept on coming back to it. Because I always want better. (More, bigger, faster, stronger.)

*laughs* I know, I’m talking to myself; it’s ridiculous.

Um, yeah. Uhhh… I can’t wait. I can’t wait. 2012 is going to be amazeballs.

I think I’ve babbled long enough; yes.


Um, I know that it’s New Year in some parts of the country – the country?! – the world. Already. *facepalms and laughs* I don’t even.

I swear that I’ve not – I’ve – I swear that I’ve not had any alcohol today. I’ve not had alcohol since… October, possibly? [Yay! I remembered Hallowe’en!] I’m not drunk, I’m just… high on life. Um. ANYWAY, YES.

If you’re reading this tomorrow, HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you’re reading it in five minutes from now or whenever… happy new year when it happens. *laughs* You know what I’m talking about; it’s New Year’s Eve! (Hogmanay, ’cause I’m Scottish.)

Um, anyway. It’s New Year’s Eve.

It’s the day before New Year’s. – *corrects self* – New Year.

Uh- Uh. So. Happy New Year tomorrow, since it’s today.

YES. HAPPY NEW YEAR TOMORROW! Yes, that’s how we do it here, yes.

Happy New Year tomorrow, everybody, and a happy and healthy twenty-twelve, where the world doesn’t end.

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