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In Which Fatso Talks To Herself

Dear Tracy:

Let’s have a wee talk, shall we?

First: yes, the new schedule’s working out fine. Zumba’s excellent, except for the part where all of your appointments seem to happen on Tuesdays and knocking out your Tuesday Zumba, but other than that: fine.

But you need to do your feet a favour and wear decent footwear on the way. It’s a 21 or 22 minute walk to both The Water Palace and The Jock Stein Centre, so do yourself a favour and wear your trainers until you get there, and then change into the shoes you wear for Zumba? Your tendinitis will thank you later.

Second: I know that you’re an Aries, which automatically means you’re a stubborn, hard-headed, idiot. But seriously, when you’re walking to or from the gym and your hip starts hurting or your back starts twitching or you get that shooting pain in your asscheek?


Don’t “push through the pain”.

That is not a “no pain no gain” situation. That is a “you have sciatica,” or possibly, “you have fibromyalgia but it’s undiagnosed,” situation. Continuing to walk when you’re in that kind of pain WON’T MAKE IT ANY BETTER.

Third: Please, for the love of god, manage your medication better. You keep on running out of painkillers that you sorely require (see second) and it takes three or four days, sometimes up to a week, depending on who’s doing the ordering, to get a new batch in.

Try to get them all on your repeat prescription? So you won’t run out? I’ll love you muchly!

Fourth: You’re talking to yourself. Stop talking to yourself, and go make yourself some damned dinner. It’s almost 9pm.