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In Which Fatso Takes Her Parents For A Walk

I’m on a beach!

I swear, I’ve been trying to get Mum and Dad to take me to Strathclyde Park for about two years now (always in summer, because who wants to go to the beach [well, it’s sort of a beach… kind of.] in winter? In Scotland, anyway) and it’s damned near impossible to get them both off on the same day, and both wanting to leave the house.

(Dad works a 50-hour week, so his shifts are insanely long, and it’s rare he gets two days off together. Stupid work. Why does money have to happen? Stupid money.)

So anyway, we were sitting eating our pineapple tonight, after dinner – pineapple I had to cut up, because my parents still can’t chop a pineapple up the right way to save themselves – and Dad said, “want to go down Strathy once we’re done and go for a wee walk?”

It took some cajoling, but Mum finally relented, and after a quick stop at home so I could put on my trainers, put on my hat, feed my cat, change my top and grab my camera – and a bottle of diluting juice – we headed on down.

It was weird, though: we got there at almost 8pm, and the theme park that’s there, M&D’s, looked like it was already closed for the night. Mum and I both commented on how it seemed like a wasted opportunity: why not make the most of the sunlight and good weather and open later? But no, all the rides were covered in their tarpaulin, and were stationary.

But we weren’t going to the theme park, so that was okay.

Considering how bloody hot it’s been all day, it was just the perfect temperature for a wee walk down there today. I keep on saying “down there”, but I’m not sure of the actual geographic location, compared to where we live. Hold on. I’m hoping this link works, because it’s the new Google Maps, and it doesn’t actually have a link option, so I just copied the URL. It’s actually north of both Mum and Dad’s house AND my flat, so. I’ll keep saying “down there” anyway. It’s either a Greenock thing or a Scottish thing; I’m not sure which.

But yes: considering how bloody hot it’s been all day, it was the perfect temperature for a wee walk down there today. We parked, and walked over to the little bit that’s like a wee beach where we just sat for five minutes and enjoyed the sun, and watching people throwing bread for the geese and the swan.

There were probably 7 or 8 swans we saw on our walk. This one started in the water, then came out to get fed, and ended up bullying the geese on shore.

Mum and Dad sitting on the bank of the beach. Dad’s got his camera with him too, giving me DSLR envy. The bastard.

My gorgeous Mummy and I.

My handsome Daddy and I. With these two, it’s not hard to tell where I get my good looks from. (Hint: it’s Mum. ;))

We ended up walking for almost an hour in total, getting eaten alive by midgies (midges? I know we say midgies, but. Well.) and being personally investigated by bees. So much for the insect repellant in the Factor 50 Mum and I slathered on before we left the house.

If Mum and I weren’t such wee old ladies, Dad could have probably walked the whole way around the loch. I’m sure he’s done it before. But alas, we are wee old ladies, and Mum’s hip started getting sore, so we parked our asses on a bench and sat for 5 minutes before heading back to the car – remembering to avoid the dog or fox poo on the path. There was an awful lot of it. :/

Click this one for a bigger picture. Totally lovely view across the loch on our way back.

No idea what this thing is – I think it’s a sticker? It was on the back of one of the signposts. And covered in about a zillion wee spiders. Other than the spiders, I kinda liked it! Is it a bowling ball? Like, lawn bowls, not 10-pin.

Mum had been secretly hiding Ā£5 in her pocket, and had plans to treat us to a 99 Cone on our way back to the car, but when we got back, we found out that the van was gone. šŸ™ We’d mentioned it when we arrived, because I’d mentioned the ice cream truck that’d pulled into the street earlier, just before tea-time. So no ice cream for us, alas.

But a really nice walk, just strolling along with my parents. Plenty of Vit.D. And a wee bit of a headache from the prolonged heat of the day, despite the fact that it’s about 10Ā°C cooler in my parents’ living room than my own. Dread to think what it would have been like in my own living room…

So, what have you been up to on this glorious weekend? Have you done anything out-of-the-ordinary? Or do you have plans to?!

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