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In Which Fatso Surprises Herself

[Note]: I started writing this on Friday night. Family drama happened. I’m finishing writing this on Saturday night.


Lisa Anne, my usual Friday Night Spinning Instructor, was taking a week off this week. She told us this last week, and that we were getting a gentleman this week as a replacement, just for one week.

(I’m terrible with names – I keep having to look at my downloaded schedule to make sure it’s not Lisa-Marie or something else, and I’ve been attending her class for MONTHS now.)

So, having never had this gentleman before, I never knew what to expect. I knew it would be different to my usual Friday night class. When we changed from Jenni to Stephanie on Sundays recently, the difference was instantaneous. A lot of upper body work, where Jenni was all about long bursts of speed, a lot of resistance.

(Not that Stephanie doesn’t do resistance. HO BOY DOES STEPHANIE DO RESISTANCE.)

So yeah, going into tonight’s class… was awesome. The gentleman was awesome. “FOUR ON. FOUR MORE. FOUR MORE. FOUR MORE!”

(Our resistance dials are marked by little lines. I think it’s sixteen to a full turn?)

A really good workout.

And I surprised myself. I showed myself how far I’ve come.

One of the songs was three and a half minutes of standing up and doing press-ups.

I managed all three and a half minutes without sitting down. While doing press-ups.

What that meant, however, was that my feet were killing me for the rest of the class, but it was totally worth it, to know that I had been able to do that.

When I started Spinning last year, my first class, I was able to stand up for ten seconds at a time. TEN SECONDS and my leg muscles were screaming at me, telling me to sit down again.

I know I’m getting fitter. I can feel it; I can literally feel it. I can feel the muscles in my thighs that I couldn’t feel before.

I’d love to say that Spinning’s getting easy – but it’s not. It’s certainly easier than it was a year ago when I started, but it’s by no means easy. I’m a little fitter than I was, but I’ve got a long, long way to go.

It’s annoying that I’m not losing weight at the rate I’d like to be, but I guess that so long as I keep exercising and eating healthily, my body will catch up eventually?

I’ve got a bid on a Ki Fit (UK equivalent of the Bodybugg) on eBay, but my GOD, people are insane about those things.

I’d buy one right out if I could afford one, but… alas, I can’t.

I figure, I attempt to get a Ki Fit, I see how many calories I’m burning, and I use Sparkpeople to see how many CALORIES I’m eating, rather than ProPoints. Calorie deficit = weight loss, right?

So wish me luck re: eBay. I’m going mad here.

3 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Surprises Herself”

  1. Calorie deficit CAN = weight loss, but it also depends on your source of calories, BUT I AM SURE YOU KNEW THAT. I am also very proud of you! >:

    1. Well, my calories will be coming from things like fruit and wholegrain cereal and healthy foods. Very little junk (less than 2,000 calories/week I'd hope). It's just that ProPoints doesn't seem to be working now, despite sticking within my limits. I need to find something that WORKS. 😐

      And: <3

  2. Woo, how could i not know about those Ki Fit things. I need one. expency though 🙁 and i wish you could wear it on your ankle. Hope you get the one your bidding on.

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