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In Which Fatso Starts To Track

It’s amazing, how therapeutic it is to sit and fill in a Weight Watchers Tracker for the first time in a year, let me tell you.

Now, don’t misunderstand: I didn’t rejoin Weight Watchers. My current financial situation doesn’t allow for that.

What I’ve done instead, is I’ve decided that I’m going to track Points for a week – Weight Watchers meetings have abolished the Core Plan, which was my biggest success, and apparently a huge all-round success (anybody remember Gemma and Oonagh who were Success Stories for both Core and Points plans, respectively?) but Weight Watchers turned around and said that members who used the Core Plan were unable to maintain their weight on Core, and thus abolished the plan.

Points never really worked for me.

So I did the smart thing. I went to eBay, and I did a search, and I found somebody selling stuff from the old SWITCH plan, back when Core was called No Count (because you didn’t count your Points) and I won that auction, and now I have old leaflets and pamphlets and handbooks a-comin’ my way, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Just because I’m not attending a Weight Watchers’ meeting doesn’t mean I can’t follow the plan. Especially not when the Core Plan really worked for me.

I mean, 4st over 2.5 years isn’t the best weight loss, but it was something, and considering I went to Florida something like 3 times during that time and only gained 1st back in total on around 7 or 8 weeks of holiday time is amazing.

But it worked. And it worked for Mum, too. We were remembering the last time we both rejoined, when Mum lost weight consistently for ten weeks – and it was more than the 1lb and 0.5lbs that she’s losing now on Discover (IT IS JUST POINTS, PEOPLE, HONESTLY.) and she’s excited to get back on Core, too.

I think my big sister will probably go back on Core, too, because it means she doesn’t have to count Points for her fruit and veg, and since she’s a vegetarian, a huge part of her diet is fruits and vegetables (in addition to soy products and quorn products and what-have-you) and so it’s a better plan for her.

And so, yeah. I’m glad I decided to check eBay, and I can’t wait for my stuff to arrive, and even if I’m not going to be counting Points in my Tracker, I’m still going to be writing my stuff down. 21 Points allowance every week, plus 15 points allowed from whatever exercise I do.

(That’s another thing: I can’t wait to get my Bonus Booster to find out how many Points I earn from my exercise.)


But yeah.

I don’t have to attend Weight Watchers to follow a Weight Watchers plan. Fingers crossed that it still works as well this time as it did last time, you guys!





I swear, I’ve got to be the most accident-prone person in the world.

New Bruise! No idea how I got it; it doesn't hurt, but it's DARK!

Just after noticing this beautiful new bruise on my left knee, I went downstairs to pet the cats, and I crouched down, and there was a CRRRRIPPPPP sound from my right knee, and I just sort of went, “That’s not good!”

Since then – maybe four hours ago – my knee has been killing me when I’ve had it bent and then straightened it. Mum and I went swimming, and I managed a whole 16 lengths before my knee went, “NO MORE!” and I gave up for the night. Mum managed 30 (way to go, Mum!) and we went to the jacuzzi for a couple of minutes, because really, a lukewarm jacuzzi doesn’t really help anybody, but the pressure bubbles are nice.

So I’m sitting in my computer chair with it as high as it can go so my knee is barely bent, and it is just oh god painful and I couldn’t even walk back up the stairs in the leisure centre. I’m currently wondering about going to the gym tomorrow or not, but I’ve got to sign on in the job centre again tomorrow morning, and it’s going to be a struggle to climb the 44 steps in there.

(Pulled muscle = pain in trying to lift 400+lbs up the stairs.)

Thing is, I can always go on the stationary bike and it’ll be more gentle on my knee than going on the treadmill.

To be honest, I’m dying to go back to the gym – I’ve got my 80s/early 90s playlist ready to go! – and I do prefer the treadmill for a gentle warm-up.

So we’ll see. A night off of my knee and maybe I can get somebody to come down to me instead of me dragging myself upstairs tomorrow – they did it when I hurt my toe – and we’ll see.

[Edit]: Speaking of my iPod, however, WOE. I’ve had it since 2006 and it’s currently dying.

It keeps getting to 5GB before capacity, and it just won’t fill up. 🙁 Woe.

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  1. Be careful! If you're injured, it's better to take some time off then push yourself and REALLY screw something up that will require TONS or rest…

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