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In Which Fatso Resolves

I’ve just finished my lunch, and am waiting for an hour or so until I head to the gym, otherwise I will regret it. So I thought, “hey, I haven’t actually updated since Monday!”

If you read my previous entry, y’all might have noticed that it was my birthday. I probably ate something like 2,000 calories of cake between Monday and Tuesday (if not more, eep!) but other than that, I’ve been pretty well-behaved.

On Thursday night, I went swimming (as is usual by this point) and afterward, I thought, “I need fruit. I need to go down to ASDA.” Now, ASDA is almost a mile down the road by car – you can take a shortcut through the back entrance by foot and cut off .3 of a mile and take it down to 0.6 miles – and usually what I do is I get a taxi.

The taxi costs me £2.50 or £3-ish. And then I have to get a taxi home, too, which is another £4.50.

So what I did this time, is I made sure I had my iPod with me before I left to go to the swimming pool. When I got out, I used the toilet, I put Lady GaGa’s Fame Monster album on, and walked down the road, and I didn’t stop until I got to ASDA.

Now, the significance of this is a) the fact that I did it in the first place and b) the fact that, the last time I attempted to walk down to ASDA from up in that area (a few doors down, actually) I had to stop halfway down and take a seat. And I weighed about 20lbs less back then, because it was last autumn before I’d gained all the weight again.

So yeah, I was kind of thrilled. It was only 100 calories or so that I’d burned, but it was better than nothing! An extra wee bit of exercise, an extra wee bit of a confidence boost.



I was writing in my diary the other day, about how I never actually wrote any new year’s resolutions because what was the point? So I kept them until my birthday. I made resolutions for my birthday.

They boiled down to:

Be healthier.

I wrote, and I quote:

I’ve had so many years where I’ve told myself I’m going to lose weight and change my life.

This is just going to be the year that I actually do it.