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In Which Fatso Ponders Interview Clothes

So, I have a job interview on Friday in Glasgow. It sounds, from the description, to be just what I used to do (minus the designing of the advertisements and the proofreading and the typesetting, but anyway, I digress) and I would be thrilled to get it, but…

I have a job interview on Friday.

And so now I am faced with the eternal plight of the Fat Girl with a job interview:

Does one dress smart, and suffer mild discomfort for the entirety of the journey to and from the interview, and for the entirety of the interview itself, or does one dress comfortably yet still suitably for a job interview, yet not quite as polished as the “uncomfortable” outfit?

This is what I wore for my last interview.

This would be the “uncomfortable” outfit. The pants are… tight. Not to the point of being disgusting, but they’re “city shorts”. Smart shorts, you know the kind. I’m not sure what the weather’s going to be like in Glasgow on Friday morning, so shorts may not even be appropriate, but anyway.

I’m not even sure if this outfit fits in its entirety! The waistcoat should, yes, but I’m not sure about the shirt. I’ll check tomorrow, I’m sick of trying clothes on already.

The other option is my culottes, which are just below the knee, look like a skirt but are not, are so friggin’ comfy because they’re jersey or something, and are two sizes too big but don’t fall down because they’re stretchy kind of a thing, and… I don’t know.

I’m thinking maybe the shirt that my BFF and her Mom bought me for Christmas? It’s smart enough that I can wear my white shirt under it, and it’s pink, and I’m sick of thinking that interviews mean BLACK AND WHITE.


4 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Ponders Interview Clothes”

  1. I like the shirt and waist coat i think its a good call. Id wear a long pant with it though if you have any. If your sick of the all black and white and want to fun it up a little throw on some pink bangels or paint your nails blue and add a blue bag. Basically pick one accessorie colour. Over all id stick with the classic look if its a kind of office job environment.
    Breath, dont ramble, make everything into a possitive, fake interested in every aspect of the job, flater, flater, charm and you'll nail it ;P
    Good luck

  2. Its a pain in the ass finding decent looking comfortable clothes. I wish I could just get them custom made.

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