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In Which Fatso Makes Things

I know I’m doing two posts in one day, and then I’m doing my normal weigh-in tomorrow, but oh well.

I’m dying of cramps. Seriously. I’m on The Pill, and I haven’t had a period in, like, four months, so this is a Mega Monster Period. Four months’ worth in one go, or so it feels like.

I thought I’d make a wee post, just with photos of the two Paleo food items I’ve made recently. I know I talked about making Paleo Mayo for the first time, a month ago, and since then, I’ve made it two or three times since then.

Last time I made it, I took photos of the whole process. And then I managed to delete them off my phone. 😐 I’m not technologically backwards; I just had a bad day.

I follow Kerri’s recipe, except that I add garlic.

It is honestly the most wonderful garlic mayo in the world. I was in B&M’s on Tuesday, and we passed by the condiments, and my Mum went, “Ooh, garlic mayo!” and I went, “ooh, garlic mayo!” and almost bought some until I remembered that I could make stuff that was: better tasting, and better for me.

It’s rich and creamy (and really, really garlicky, which I like), and it’s slightly mousse-y, and spreads wonderfully.

Like I said: I will never buy store-bought again. Not when it’s cheaper and better to make my own.

(If only it didn’t make such a mess… *laughs*)

Tonight, after finally finding out that Sainsbury’s sells both fresh and frozen chicken livers (I walked down to Asda, because their online store had frozen ones, but alas, our local Asda doesn’t stock ’em) and got me some chicken livers to make chicken liver pâté.

It was basically this recipe from, but with some nutmeg, mushrooms, more garlic than called for, minus the red wine (I mentioned that I’m trying to be teetotal re: my alcoholism, right?) and with some balsamic vinegar instead of the wine.

It turned out looking like blended meat.

This is before I put the butter on it. There are also another three full muffin cups full. (All of my other containers are indisposed at the moment. Thank god I didn’t buy ramekins. It would have taken at least eight to take all of this!)

But the important thing is: it tastes like pâté, even when it’s still hot. It’s in the fridge, cooling, waiting for tomorrow.

I’m constantly amazed, by what you can eat when you’re doing Paleo. I’m slowly working up to being fully Paleo – I’ve still got a lot of carbs in my house, I’ve still got a bagel and a couple of wraps that I wanna eat; don’t wanna throw ’em away – but I’ll get there.

More than that, I think I’m amazed that I can still cook things. Make things.

It’s one thing that I’m thankful to my mother for. I can cook. I can bake. (I once came second for making amazing biscuits in a baking competition between schools in second year of high school. I’ve got the medal to prove it.)

If nothing else, I know I can always pay 99p and buy me some chicken livers, throw together some pâté, and I won’t starve to death.

Ironically, though, I don’t like the taste of liver.