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In Which Fatso Loves To Be Challenged

It’s almost the end of week five of The Zero Excuses Weight Loss Challenge, and I’m pretty proud of myself.

I know that I haven’t stuck as rigidly to the diet as I should have and could have, but I’ve done all right, considering how badly I usually binge eat.

The exercise, on the other hand, is where I think I’ve really shone.

I’ve missed one scheduled day out of the past five weeks’ exercise. And I made sure that I made that day my “rest day” instead of Saturday, and I did a workout at home on Saturday instead.

I’m not sure that I’m gonna continue working out six days a week once the challenge is over – I’m sure I’m gonna continue going to the gym before or after my classes, though. That’s for damn sure. Four days a week, I can manage. It’ll depend on how it works out, when I move house. I’ll literally be living halfway between the two gyms. I’m thinking:

I’ll get a bike. It’s a 25-minute walk to The Water Palace, and a 25-minute walk (partly through a dark, wooded area :|) to The Jock Stein Centre from where my flat is going to be (assuming I take the flat), so if I get a bike, it’ll cut that time in half.

I’ll just need to learn to ride a bike again! And it’s more exercise for me either way!

But at the moment, I’ve still got the last week of the challenge to go, and the last week kicks the upper body work up a notch, and the lower body up a notch, and my arms and legs will probably be NOODLES (or limp spaghetti, however you wanna look at it) by the time December 19 comes around.

But I’m looking forward to it.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I was an Air Cadet for two years. It doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but I think that’s where the whole part about giving me a challenge comes in.

If you give me a challenge, I am almost guaranteed to push myself to the limit to complete it. It’s like that carrot in front of the horse’s nose or whatever the metaphor is. I love to be challenged, especially in the short term.

That’s why things like The Zero Excuses Challenge and #GoTheDist are perfect for me. Short term challenges. Maximum effort for short term.


Rich emailed us yesterday to tell us some exciting news!

He was off in LA recording some episodes of The Doctors TV show for the ABC channel to air in the New Year (January 2 and 3 at least that we know of)! They’re promoting health and fitness for the new year, and they gave away The Zero Scale to the entire audience in the episode due to air January 3!

So, right now, the 15% discount is still live, but it will DEFINITELY end on December 23. And, once those episodes air in January, you’ll probably be hard-pushed to get your hands on one, with publicity like that!

So get your butts over to The Zero Scale and use the promo code “ZERO” at their website, to get yourself a Zero Scale with 15% off before they’re all gone!

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I am not a personal trainer or a dietitian. Please consult your doctor or GP before embarking on a new diet or exercise program. All opinions expressed are my own.