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In Which Fatso Lets Herself Down

The annoying thing about being poor is that you can only afford so much.

That is to say: my salad items were either used up or went bad by yesterday, and all I have left is lettuce. I have no mushrooms, no tomatoes, no asparagus, no fresh herbs, NO SALAD.

Ugh, so yeah. South Beach Phase One is out of the window again. At least for the time-being.

And to top that off, my mutant leg has exploded again; one more sore has shown up and opened up, which means no swimming tonight, at least, while I wait to see if it’s going to calm down a little.

This whole thing’s pissing me off. I know that healthy eating is expensive, but considering that I spent £60 on food last week and only £20 of that was meat, you’d think I’d have more than a head of lettuce and some peppers left in my fridge.

So for the time-being, I’ve still got my South Beach egg muffins for my breakfast, and I’ll try to eat as close to South Beach as possible for my other meals.

What more can I say, but *sigh*?

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  1. Not having money is really hard. That's one of the downfalls with my eating, too. Bad food is inexpensive, healthy food is hard to come by when you don't have a lot of cash. Just have to keep trying and not let it discourage you too much. I know you can do well!

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