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In Which Fatso Isn’t As Bouncy As Usual

When I was on my Spin bike tonight, I noticed something odd.

My boobs weren’t bouncing as much as usual.

When I’m in Spin, I love to sing, as much as my breathing will allow. What makes it difficult to sing is bouncy, bouncy boobs.

When I first started at Spin, my belly, sitting on my legs, almost reached my knees. It’s now halfway up my legs, which is awesome. I still bounce, but not as much as I used to.

Thing is, when I was taking my measurements, I never thought to take “length of belly from bra line,” as a measurement, and now I’m thinking that this may have been the most important measurement of all. My hips and waist measurement have barely changed, but if you look at my progress photos, you can really see a difference in how low my belly was hanging. In the first photo, it’s really, really low.

In the latest photo, it’s nowhere near as bad.

I know I still have a long, long way to go, where everything is concerned, but I feel like, if you’ll pardon me, I’ll be able to see my pubic mound from the front soon. I haven’t been able to do that since high school.

I think this is probably why I’m not going down dress sizes, even although I’ve lost more than 100lbs. I’m not going in so much as my stomach’s going up. Once it’s gone up enough, then it’ll start going in.

I also caught sight of myself in the window tonight, while I was washing the dishes tonight, and all I could think was, “goddamn, my ass.”

To wit: I have a really big butt. I know that’s also changed a little/going to change, but it’s not changing fast enough for my liking.

I’ve noticed other things, too, since I’ve started losing weight: when I got out of the shower, I used to wrap a towel around my front and tuck the corners under my fat rolls at the back. Wrap another towel around my back, tucked under my armpits.

Right now, when I tuck the corners under my fat rolls, they don’t stay tucked under. This is A) AWESOME, because it means my fat rolls aren’t as big any more, and B) TERRIBLE, because it means my towels keep falling down!

Luckily, now that I live on my own, that doesn’t matter much.

But it’s just… things. Things that I notice. My boobs don’t bounce as much, because my belly isn’t as big. My back fat isn’t as big and doesn’t hold my after-shower towels as well. But my ass seems as big as always!

Oh well.

It’ll all sort itself out, eventually, won’t it? When I’m at my goal, hopefully the work I’m doing in the gym will mean I’m not totally saggy and loose-skinned, etc. I know that’s a long time coming, and a lot will change while I’m getting there, but…

It’s amusing, noticing it all while it’s happening.

2 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Isn’t As Bouncy As Usual”

  1. I have never never thought to measure this way. Like you to i have been working out and noticing my clothes fit better, but according to my measurements for my hip and waist I’ve had very little difference. i looked at my belly 'over hang" today and it looks higher, so thank you thank you for posting this because i am no longer discouraged 🙂 I think you are doing an amazing job, keep up the good work it'll pay off befor you know it.

    1. No problem, BrittanyNicole! As an aside: I was looking at myself side-on in the mirror the other day, and I can see the shape at the top of my thighs where my belly USED to hang down to; it was there for so long that it literally shaped the fat at that top of my thighs.

      Totally weird.

      But yes! Your belly flap, "overhang", or there's a medical term for it that I keep on forgetting, will go higher and higher, then your stomach'll start sucking in once your overhang's no longer there, I think. I think. Then hopefully the measurements'll start mimicking the amount of hard work we're putting in!

      And good! Don't be discouraged. 🙂 Keep up the good work! <3

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