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In Which Fatso Is Still In Pain

When I went to bed last night, I was close to having a panic attack, because I couldn’t find my Methocarbamol. I’d been having mild muscle twitches/spasms in my lower back since about 10pm, and it felt like I was gonna have a back attack if I didn’t take ’em before going to bed.

The last I remember seeing them was when Mum and I emptied my medicine drawer into one of my bags when I was moving house.

So I emptied out all of my bags of bags and checked in every single one of them.

Not there.

I checked in my medicine drawer.

Not there.

And then I remembered that my other computer desk, next to my computer-desk-computer-desk has a drawer in it, and not just a door.

Guess where my muscle relaxants were.

Took two, took the bottle and a drink to my bedside.

When I woke up this morning, I actually felt like I’d slept for a change. I still slept for 13 hours, but I only woke up once an hour instead of once every 20 minutes to turn over.

My legs didn’t hurt. My back didn’t hurt as much as usual.

My arms, on the other hand, were agony. My elbows felt like they’d been tied up, bent, for years, and had just been released for the first time. My wrists were sore. The muscles of my upper arms and the joints of my shoulders were unbelievably sore.

But I was able to get up and out of bed without having a back attack.

That was all I cared about, to be honest.

I’ve got an appointment to see Doctor David on Wednesday, and hopefully he’ll have some answers. Something to say.

Because this really is becoming debilitating in the morning.