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In Which Fatso Is Starting To Panic

Two weeks ago, my big sister turned to me in our Weight Watchers meeting and said, quietly, “it’s only 10 weeks until my wedding!”

That means that it’s now only eight weeks until my big sister gets married.

My predicament at the moment is twofold:

  1. I am still huge, and
  2. I have very little money.

What the hell am I going to wear to my big sister’s wedding?

I was surprised to find that House of Fraser had a plus-size section, although it’s not exactly overwhelmingly… large. Their prices, however, are. There are very few dresses (two that are appropriate for a wedding, and of course I prefer the more expensive one over the slightly more affordable one) anyway, but both are still pretty much out of my price range.

What does one do, in this case? Evans is useless at this time of year (only one dress that I like, and out of my price range), there’s NOTHING appropriate at simplybe.co.uk that I can afford…

All of the dresses I own are like… foofy. And, I hate to say it, kinda ugly. I bought them when I had money and needed a dress for a Christmas party and I thought they were pretty and they really weren’t. They make me look like a whale. And they’re not really wedding party appropriate.

Both of the following are from Christmas 2008, one from a work night out, and the other from Christmas Day:

See? WHALE. That dress is a SACK.

I loved this dress online; not so much on me. Too much volume on an already voluminous person… disaster. I do like my hair and my make-up, though. (and please ignore the fact that I’m out of focus. We were getting used to a new lens on my camera.)

I just.


There is one dress that I’ve not worn yet that I’m contemplating. I may even dye my hair back to black for it.


I’m going to hide in my little corner of the interwebbes and cry. I know I’ve got 8 weeks of losing weight to think about, too, but it’s going to close in fast.

And I’ll still be a size 32. As I just said to Azy: “Things’ll probably just fit me a bit better.”


[Edit]: Okay, so I found a store online which is very expensive (I’m pretty sure they quote almost $60 for shipping alone to the UK) and have found the following dresses that I adore:

and my personal favourites:

If anybody’s willing to pay for that last dress in my size – the 30 should hopefully fit (LOL) – I would NOT COMPLAIN FOR A SECOND. It’s beautiful. I think I would look beautiful in it.

(hint: my email address is fatso@fatgirlslim.org [I’m only half kidding here.])

All that would be left then would be for me to worry about what shoes to wear. I even think the cute little pink Coach bag that Kathie got my for Christmas would complement it nicely.

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  2. You've probably looked at simply be and oxendales (state the obvious but you never know!) and littlewoods do a plus size range also and deliver… also EVANS online do some exclusives that aren't in store so might be worth a look… the ones you picked are gorgeous… bring on that lotto win!

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