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In Which Fatso Is Shaking The Building

It’s been a pretty quiet week, here at FGS HQ, if you don’t count the back spasms that have been so bad it feels like the building’s shaking.

I’ve got a(nother) appointment to see Doctor David on Monday. I’ll talk to him about the smelly sweaty panniculus thing, a weird lump on my head that’s now painful to the touch, and now these back spasms that are pretty much ruining my chances of sitting upright.

On a random note: The pain running down my left leg right is UN-FRIGGIN’-BELIEVABLE. It’s like a bolt of lightning down the back of my thigh. Ugh. Stupid body.

I’ve got my ESA medical assessment next Wednesday. I’m not looking forward to it. I’ll probably have to sit through yet another appeal/Tribunals process next year, which I really don’t want to have to do, because they’re the most stressful things ever.

I just want to be fit and healthy, please.

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  1. I wish my doctor was as accommodating as yours. I always feel like it's a terrible inconvenience every time I make an appointment. I'm surprised that you haven't been referred for scans for some of these things. Sounds like something that warrants further investigation. Also how the fuck can anyone class you as fit for work when you can barely sit up?

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