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In Which Fatso Is Really, Really Unwell

After the debacle that was The Sciatica/Back Pain From Hell that left me unable to stand up straight, or even get out of my bed for a while last year, you’d think, surely I have to get a break in the health stakes, right?

Apparently not.

Not long after I was able to stand up straight again, I started getting really bad stomach pains – it felt, at first, like stomach acid, and I’m taking a fair few tablets that cause an excess of this, so I’m on Omeprazole to counteract it. I went to my doctor, explained this to him, and he told me to take two Omeprazole a day instead of one.

Over Christmas, I ended up taking three Omeprazole a day, and it wasn’t making a blind bit of difference.

What the pain reminded me of was when I was living in Swords and I got a stomach ulcer. I was throwing up after every meal, I couldn’t lie on a specific side, and I couldn’t eat without serious pain.

That was what this was, but it was a little more bearable, probably due to the fact that I was taking the Omeprazole to begin with.

So, as soon as the doctor’s surgery was re-opened (I called NHS 24 during the holiday and got told I could visit the emergency clinic in Wishaw – WHERE? – at about 4am. My parents were asleep, how would I get there? They couldn’t provide me transport. Thanks, I said, I’ll wait and speak to my doctor.) I got an appointment with Doctor David (the next day!) and went in to speak to him.

Doctor David is amazing. He said that I had to do the helicobacter breath test, but the Omeprazole might make it turn out negative, so he gave me the antibiotics anyway since I already had an ulcer and know what they feel like.

I finished the course on Friday, and I’m back to one Omeprazole a day.

Of course, it doesn’t end there.

If anybody follows me on Twitter, or have me friended on Facebook, they might have noticed me mention something about a pain in my leg. Or the infection in my leg.

I walked out of Doctor David’s office and said, “I swear, I’ll try not to come back for a month.”

I lasted all of about three days before I was back – admittedly not with Doctor David, but with Doctor Simpson.

After starting the antibiotics, I noticed a little itchy, hot-to-the-touch red patch on the front of my left calf on Monday morning. I’d been swimming on Sunday, so I thought I’d pulled a muscle or something. I put some deep heat on it, and went about my business.

By Tuesday, that little itchy red patch looked like this:

Mutant Leg - Tuesday

On Wednesday, I went to Doctor Simpson. “An infection of the soft tissue in your leg.”

Antibiotics to take, and a cream to put on it.

By Thursday, it looked like this:

Mutant Leg - Thursday

Friday, like this:

Mutant Leg - Friday

I think it’s getting better, but it’s still itchy, but it spread exponentially in the first few days, but Doctor Simpson said I should only worry if it spread up towards my knee.

My entire lower left leg has become one massive cankle. My foot gets so swollen at night that I can’t flex my toes back without feeling like my skin’s going to split.

And to top all of this off?

I have the worst cold I’ve had in years, and I’ve had it for more than a week now, because I think my immune system has fled my body in protest. My right ear is blocked, and my eyes are sore and all they want to do is close and stay closed because my sinuses hurt so badly.

All I want to do is go and work out to help me get over this cold faster like I did last year, but my leg hurts so much that even walking up and down the stairs is a chore.

I would just really like to stop coughing up green stuff.

And I would like my leg to return to normal, and stop being a mutant leg, please, and thank you.

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8 thoughts on “In Which Fatso Is Really, Really Unwell”

  1. I hope you get better soon.. it's horrible to be ill but to also have leg and back trouble must be very uncomfortable.

    1. I'm really glad I DIDN'T get the flu – I got my jag just before Christmas, because I'm high risk because of my asthma – so a cold is fine! Alas, everything happening at once, you know? I finished my video game, watched a few movies, tried to do a bit of 'step aerobics' in my own room just to move around a little. I'm feeling a bit better today. 🙂 Thanks for the well-wishes! xx

  2. oh no!!!! Firstly – *hugs* – try to be patient (i know, easy for me to say!) .. but your body needs time to heal itself… don't get too down about it.. my mum has lymphodema in one of her legs/ankles and she does some exercises to loosen it (like swirling her ankle around 10 to the left – 10 to the right… flexing her toes as far back as she can etc) some light body brushing can help too to drain whatever is down there out of your system… I'm not a doctor but maybe ask him and see what he says.. till then try to stay positive… x

    1. I'm sure the doctor said I had erysipelas ( or cellulitis – my leg certainly looked more like erysipelas – and the symptoms fit, and the antibiotics are only just starting to kick in NOW, but I'm already feeling about 15% better, because my nose has stopped running! I think even just the massage of putting the cream on my leg has helped a bit – mostly because it's given me an excuse to scratch! 😀 I'll probably be right as rain by this time next week, and I'm SO looking forward to getting back to proper exercise and my Spinning classes. 😀

  3. Late to the party here (as it were), but that looks like cellulitis. I don't know if your doc went into any detail, but it can be pretty dangerous if untreated. If it shows up again, once you've got your antibiotics, keeping your leg propped so it's raised _above_ your hip will make a big difference to the swelling. My brother, and my bestest matey have both had it, and it looked just like that.

    Actually stopped by to read your coats review – hope you're feeling better by now!

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